Exciting post!

Evening all- it’s the weekend YAY!

Look what I got in the post today;

I emailedย nuun ages ago when I read about them in a magazine, but they only had stuff on sale in the US (think the magazine had put it in there too soon or something). I was after a sampler pack as they do 6 different flavours and fancied trying it to see if it would hydrate me better after my long runs (this was back in the summer before my last half marathon).

Anyhoo, they have sent me 3 samples to try- orange with a hint of ginger, tri berry and citrus fruit. They also sent me the water bottle which is exactly the right size for one tab of nuun and 500ml water.

I am super excited about trying them on Sunday, which will be my long run day.

I had a run after work, just because really. The weather for tomorrow is bad, so my long run is sunday, so I did a nice steady 5 miles after work, around the lake and back. It took 50 minutes and while I ran I listened to the medical radio 4 program which was all about biomechanics, orthodics and things. Next week it is going to be about omega 3’s! Fuelled by a nakd gingerbread (heavenly) my run took 50 minutes and I managed to do there and back in the same time, so it was really steady. Good stuff.

Am off out for dinner later yay!

I also got sent this:

Some little packets of Linwoods milled flaxseeds. I emailed them to say how much I like the cocoa one, so they sent me some 25g packets of the plain stuff. It says they could go in soups, so I am thinking at lunch when I have soup I might add some of this to bump up the protein and good fats content.

Exciting stuff anyway- I look forward to trying it all ๐Ÿ™‚

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4 thoughts on “Exciting post!”

  1. I think I’m going to have to take a lead out of your book and start mailing companies so I can try stuff! What’s the advantage of the nuun stuff over other products? Is it less artificial??

    1. Yeah companies always seem to like hearing that people like their products (instead of complaints) and its good publicity for them too.
      The nuun stuff are little tablets that dissolve in water, and are just the electrolytes and sodium; Sodium (carbonates) 360.0
      Potassium (bicarbonate) 100.0
      Calcium (carbonate) 12.5
      Magnesium (sulfate) 25.0
      Vitamin C 37.5
      Vitamin B2 500mcg
      Only 6 cals per tablet so they dont have any carboydrate, they have natural flavours and are vegetarian, and vegan. I have tried lucozade and the science in sport drinks and they give me a weird tummy so I thought these looked good.
      They are meant to be absorbed faster than normal sports drinks as the carbohydrate can apparently slow that down.
      I like the fact that it is few calories so I can still have a cereal bar or whatever once I finish.

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