I love Body Pump!


After 3 weeks off (I think) it was back on tonight! And I do love it! It was the new one, and so for some of the tracks I used slightly lower weights, but I did manage the normal weights for some of them too. My shoulders are so sore now already (but in a good way I suppose). Not sure about the music though- seems to have less catchy ones than normal. Who knows, it might be a grower. Anyone loving the music this time around?

After my shower I had some teapigs chocolate flake tea;

It is lovely tea, but for a sweet treat I still prefer the creme caramel tea.

I got an email from the person who was running the focus group thing yesterday, saying that they are sorry that they didn’t send the email, and that I can have a place in the next group, so that was nice. 🙂

Gosh I was mad today when I was watching the Jamie Oliver in america thingy- did you know that they count potato fries as a vegatable in the school canteens? It is utter madness- I did think those high school kids that did the cooking were really good though- it was uplifting to see their attitudes towards it.

Anyway, I am off to bed now! Night.

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5 thoughts on “I love Body Pump!”

  1. Mary- glad you share my enthusiasm! I would be hunting it down if my local gym stopped the class.
    Laura- I can’t agree more!

  2. I loved Jaime Oliver in America. It’s a bit bleeding heart liberal at times, but overall I think he’s great.

    Glad body pump is back! 😀

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