Lunch box fun

Well today the children were back, so it was a very busy (but fun) day.

I had a delicious lunch (my boyfriends idea)- we roasted some peppers with oregano , and had them in a sandwich with cream cheese. Super tasty.

Alongside I had some cherry tomatoes, and a peach, which I put in my super-cute lunch tubs:

(Big one for the peach and smaller one for the tomatoes). They are so cute, they make lunch fun! Well, how else would you make lunch time fun?

(It’s like the Old Navy advert- shopping is fun again! Well, now my lunch is fun).

After work I wasn’t holding out much hope for a good run, as heavy rain was forecast, but luckily when I got home it was not raining so I quickly changed and headed out. I decided to do a sort of speed session; I did these last year but have got out of the habit a bit. So I warmed up for a mile or so, and then after that I did intervals of running fast for a count of 20 (not too scientific!) and then slowing down for the same time, for about 8 times maybe (probably just over a mile) and then half a mile of gentle running for a cool down. It was good and I am going to make myself do it as I can get into the habit of doing lots of plodding miles and not much else. Which is fine, as I enjoy it, but I also do want to get a little bit faster.

Then I did the shred workout before my shower. Good stuff.

For dinner I had kidney beans, red onion, pepper, chilli, corn and tomato all mashed up, and baked in a wholewheat tortilla, with a big salad (with some flaxseed oil for those goood fats- good for me joints you know)- yummy 😉

And now to relax- night all.

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4 thoughts on “Lunch box fun”

  1. I think it’s a good idea to keep some kind of speedwork in there, at least for half the year. If you don’t want to do it structured then fartlek is a good option. Just pick a point – a tree, lamppost, bench, etc – and run / sprint to it, and then jog for a while, and repeat.

    Like the shout out for flaxseed too – love the omega 3s! 😀

    1. Thanks- speedwork is not something I enjoy but it is good for me and if it only lasts for a count of 20 it is not long and I know I can make it! 🙂

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