More nuun and a speedy run

Hooray Friday is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I am kind of happy about the weekend?

I started the day with some rude health porridge and I am so glad I did, I have been freezing all day. Even with a warm lunch (the last quinoa veggie thing) I was chilly in the afternoon. I feel all hope of an indian summer has passed.

After work I had a snack (cocoa orange nakd bar), only I managed half of it before dropping the other half on the filthy floor at work- no chance of rescue! But at least I could go home!  I had to collect my other parcel (the one I tried to get the other day but the post office was closed)- it was my mini chopper replacement at long last so I can go back to chopping up things. Might attempt my own peanut chocolate butter as I finished the dark chocolate dreams the other day. After that I headed out on a quick run- I realised that I missed the speedwork session (runs were all out of sync this week) so I warmed up for ten minutes (about a mile) then spent the next 10 minutes alternating between 30 seconds fast (well, fast for me) and 30 seconds jogging (just over a mile) and then around 8 minutes on a loop to cool down.

Once home I tried the last of my nuun (sadly pronounced “noon” so my title for this post does not rhyme!)- the orange with a hint of ginger.

The flavour was pleasant, again similar to the citrus in that it tasted like weak squash, or a bit like those evervescent vitamin c orange tabs that you get in tubes. I could not really taste the ginger, but I had also had a pineapple sweetie;

(special veggie sweeties don’t you know)- so anyhoo that may have made it harder for my taste buds to taste the ginger. Anyway, I liked it, no yucky aftertaste or anything like that, seems refreshing with the flavour. 9/10 cherries.

Then it was on to the shred- I am still being a chicken and only doing part 1, although I have watched the other ones and think pretty soon I should attempt number 2. But I was tired after my busy day, and I want to do a long run tomorrow so I don’t want to go crazy or anything!

Dinner was good- I made some bread and I had some left over roasted peppers so I chopped them up small and put them in the dough. This off-roading turned out alright;

Colourful bread!

I also had some baked apple with blueberries in another attempt at warming up. It is so cold in the evenings now 🙁

Also exciting news- I have ordered some teapigs tea, and I found on their site that they do chocolate flake tea- how good does that sound? Can’t wait to try it!

So I was wondering today as I was running and thinking of my run tomorrow, what do most people do around a long run? Do you have a rest day before the long run so legs are fresh, and then have a gentle recovery run the following day, or do you save the rest day for after, and have a run the day before to stretch the legs and so on?

I find that a run the day before, so long as it is fairly short, does not seem to hinder my long run, but the day after my long run is not a good idea for a run, as when I have tried it my legs (and knees) have been very sore. But I still rest the day or two before a race- not sure why!

Night all 🙂

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4 thoughts on “More nuun and a speedy run”

  1. That bread looks awesome!! I love homemade bread, especially if it has a special kick to it- whether it be sweet or savorty 🙂 I bet a few slices of that batch would make a killer grilled cheese!

    I’ve never done long runs other than 5Ks but I think doing a very light run the day before would help out rather than resting. Otherwise you’d be running on cold, tight muscles which wouldn’t be any fun. :/

  2. Aww I was excited when I thought your title rhymed haha!

    I usually run day on day off so I always have rest from running the day before.. except actually I didn’t have rest before today and a had a great LR today but I’m not sure if that’s to do with the running or not!

  3. I’m similar with long runs – I’m ambivalent about short easy runs the day before as they don’t seem to help or hinder. I don tend to favour having the day after off though.

    For races I’ll almost always do a very short very easy run (with a few strides) the day before.

  4. Mary- grilled cheese sounds very good- fab idea!
    Mary/ Laura/ Rob- I normally have a walk on the day before a race so I am not sitting around, but next time I might try a light run and see if that makes any difference. 🙂

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