More teapigs tea and your ABC’s

Last night I decided to try another teapigs tea (keep getting the moonpig theme song in my head); this time it was spiced winter tea.

Again it comes in the cute tea temple, and as soon as you pour the water in the colour changes dramatically- you don’t need to squeeze the bag or anything as the water circulates so well (you can see in the picture how deep the colour is, and that was as soon as I poured the water in).

The tea is made of:  Rooibos tea, flavours, orange peel, ginko, orange blossom, cinnamon, ginseng root, cloves and safflower.

I had it with milk, and it was still a strong reddish brown.It was much nicer than plain rooibos which I have tried before. The spices really came through, lovely and warming, with almost a liquiorice hint. As it was caffeine free it was probably better to have in the evening too. It’s not like I normally lay awake at night but I slept like a log last night for the first time in ages and I suspect this played a part. 9/10 cherries. Pretty close to perfect!

Today was a normal work day (so busy and I had some of my squash and carrot soup for lunch which is never good when I am in a hurry because I have to heat it up and then wait for it to cool- not an efficient use of my time!).

After work I went to the waffle house to catch up with some old friends, which was fab. I had a waffle with sliced banana and toffee sauce (no ice cream though!).

Later on I had some toast with half almond butter, and half rainforest butter (brazil, macadamia and cashew). I read somewhere (maybe runners world or womens running mag) that ABC nuts have all the amino acids for complete protein (almonds, brazils, cashews) so a handful of those would make a good snack. Well I can confirm that those spread on toast is also a delish snack.

Body Pump was not on tonight (the instructor is away and they have no replacement boo) so I had a nice walk in the evening instead and now it is TOP CHEF time yay!!

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4 thoughts on “More teapigs tea and your ABC’s”

  1. Haha, you watch Top Chef! My American friends are *obsessed* with this! I have to say, I prefer Masterchef..

    I have only recently got around to regularly including nuts in my diet (last 6 months or so), and I feel so much better for it. I swear my hair is shinier(!), and my appetite is definitely less erratic. I think they’re my secret ingredient 🙂

    1. Top Chef is fab! It is a great show!
      Yes nuts are so important I think- I try to have some nuts or nut butter spread through the week as they have all the fat soluble vitamins like E, plus the trace elements too. Much better than a vitamin pill! I only used to have peanut butter, but as I have got older (in the last 3 years) I have found that I like other nuts, and other nut spreads too so I have a range.

    1. Tee hee Laura (or should I say tea hee?).
      Yes the rainforest butter is gorge- its by Carley’s Organic and I found it in the local health food shop. But I have seen it online at planet organic I think. They do a whole range including pecan butter, seed spreads and also seed and chocolate spreads, which as all raw and cool milled or something. It does taste so good! Get it if you can!

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