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Afternoon all!

Today was my long run day, so after some rude health porridge (yum), cleaning the bathroom, hanging out washing and sorting out the dishwasher, I headed out. This time I put some nuun in my water bottle to take with me, although I had run down the street before I realised I had left the bottle at home! Oops! At least I didn’t have far to go to collect it. The run was the same route as last week (8.5 miles), and in the same time (give or take 30 seconds which must be down to waiting for the traffic lights at various places en route). The sun was out, the breeze kept me cool, I had all the nuun drink, all was good. When I was a couple of miles from home my legs started feeling heavy, but they picked up in the home stretch. I was laughing along to Tony’s trials on the marathon talk podcast- I loved his Robin Hood song!

I was thinking about earphones as I saw on Lauras blog that she was getting annoyed with her earphones falling out. So then I got on to thinking about the running things I have bought and loved over the past few years. When I started I went running in old pink trainers (not running ones at all oops), combats and a cotton jumper. How things have changed- now I have a drawer of running tights, capris, shorts, actual running vests, long sleeved tops……….. the list goes on.

But my fave things are here!

I love my mp3 player. Its a creative stone one (I am not an apple junkie). I am not great with technology, and this is so easy to use- plug in to the USB port and use it like any other memory stick, and charges via the computer or a little plug. Plus it is super tiny so slips into the smallest pocket (or the pocket in my drinks bottle holder).

In the summer I love these earphones :

The earphones fit in your ears well, the band holds them in place but isn’t too tight (and it doesn’t bang on the back of my head like some can)- plus it has a little clip so the wires can be out the way.

I also love my Nike+

I know people love their garmins and stuff, but for me this is perfect- I can track my speed, pace, distance and time (and cals earned), plus on the site you can map your runs, see other people’s runs, join challenges and set yourself goals. It’s pretty motivating and also very easy to use. I used to use a normal digital watch so I could time my runs, but this is easier and smaller.

On a short run I don’t take water with me (unless it is totally baking and then I probably wouldn’t run) but on longer runs I like to take a drink with me. I have my trusty old Nathan water bottle holder;

The bottle comes out of the sleeve and can be washed properly. The sleeve has a zipped pocket which I can cram loads of things into (small nakd bars, raisins, tissues, mp3 player….). I am on the hunt for a waist pack as after about an hour and a half of running my shoulders get sore and I am sure it is not helped by carrying stuff in my hand.

My other essentials (not pictured) are trainers (I like Nike ones as they are nice and wide but whatever is comfy), a sports bra (I like shock absorber ones) and proper sports clothes. Sweat wicking tops are so much better than soggy cotton ones, and lighter trousers are better than cotton trackies.

In the summer I wear an old tennis visor, which is also handy when it is raining to keep the rain out of my eyes. I often run in sunglasses, and I have a lovely earband for the winter which keeps me ears and forehead warm. I can’t run in a hat as there is nowhere for my ponytail to go!

So what are your fave pieces of your running kit?

This afternoon I popped to the shops to collect my order from Natural Health (I was so excited about trying sunflower seed butter) and also do a quick food shop.

For a late lunch I had;

Half rye bread spread with organic sunflower seed butter, and

half with rainforest nut butter. Plus an apple (the bags of apples were buy one get one free so I need to start somewhere!), cherries and a bit of leftover yoghurt.

The sunflower butter was so so so yummy!

We are off out for dinner tonight with people from Andy’s work- I haven’t met them and we are going to a steakhouse so I am hoping they do a veggie meal as I don’t want to come across as being an awkward guest.

Hope everyone is having a super saturday 🙂

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3 thoughts on “My fave running bits”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, I have the same mp3 player, in pink too! Mike has an ipod but I like the mp3, it’s simple and it works just as well imo. I had the headphones too in green but they broke, I’d definately buy them again though, they’re far, far comfier than the new ones I bought!

  2. Good job on the run 🙂 I also have a huge draw full of running gear. I think my favourite piece of kit is the gloves my sister bought me for Christmas last year which got me through a winter’s running in Boston! The best bit – the thumbs have a flap so you can still operate your ipod / do zips etc. Easily the simplest and yet most useful feature on a piece of running kit ever!

  3. Laura- snap! I love the simpleness of the mp3 (and of couse, the pink!). And I love the comfyness of the headphones.
    Alison- how could I forget gloves?? I have some, but they are a bit big (I have quite big hands so ordered the medium, but in hindsight the small would have been better)- I bet you really needed them in Boston! Yours sound very clever 🙂

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