Red food at night, runningcupcake delight

Evening all!

After work I had a nice run around the lakes- I was trying to keep up my speed as I think I have started to slow down as I am tired after work. I managed around 5.3 miles in 51 minutes, and even managed a negative split- woo hoo! My miles went 8.23, 10.03 (2 stops for crossing roads), 8.52, 8.47, 8.53, which I am super pleased with.

Then I got down to some cooking.

I had this bad boy to use;

I scooped out the middle and baked it, and on the hob I made some tomato quinoa (with some paprika to make it sort of sweet and smokey). Alongside that I made some mini chickpea burgers (sort of from Veganomicon )- I mashed up a tin of chickpeas, added some tahini, garlic, lazy chilli, tomato puree, a few millet flakes and some wheat gluten. Then I mixed it all together, kneaded it and rolled it into little balls.

These were baked for about 25 minutes and had some with my dinner.

I also had some beetroot which looks black but is red. Not all the quinoa would fit into the squash so I had some on the side too. It was all very red-tinged as the chilli and tomato had made the chickpea burgers look red too.

It was super yummy and the chilli made them spicy, but not too spicy.

Last night I baked some cooking apples with spices, and near the end put some blackberries on the top.

This will feature later alongside some soya yoghurt and maybe some bear nibbles. Although it has now gone rather squishy and a very pretty pink colour, so again fitting in with the red theme!

So anyone else aim for a negative split? I hear it is good for training you to push hard in the latter stages of a race, but then are you tempted to go slower at the beginning to make sure you finish faster?

I am fine at listening to how tired I feel, and am not so great at really knowing my own pace; I find out when I get home!

Night all!

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5 thoughts on “Red food at night, runningcupcake delight”

  1. I always used to go for a negative split. Until my runs hit 14 miles! Then I started to go slower 😀 I think it breeds good discipline, but I wouldn’t push yourself to do it all the time. Perhaps every other long run at the weekend, something like that. Nice miles splits though — you seem to be getting faster to me, not slower!

  2. Alison- before today I was getting slower, I was impressed with my times yesterday, not sure what happened!
    Mary- go for it they were tasty!

  3. Your tea looks really nice! I always try to negative split, it’s a tendancy of mine to set off way too fast so forcing myself to hold back a little at the beginning of a run and speed up at the end means I can get a lot better times overall. Sometimes I forget though!!

    1. Ah thanks! Wednesdays have turned into my experimental day; the other days I tend to have the same.
      The negative split appeals as even if in training runs I am fine, during races I often struggle towards the end so I think it is good to train me to run fast when I am tired.

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