Shred level 2

Evening all,

What a lovely day it turned out to be 🙂

After work (and a yummy clif bar, I think I am addicted!) I went on a run; this time only a short one as I wanted to fit in the shred as well. I kept a steady pace and did 2.7 miles in 27 minutes (plus some stoppage for crossing roads, always busy at that time in the evening). Randomly saw some teenagers carrying a massive sofa down a road, they must have carried it a mile, then put it in some bushes (I passed them on my way back) and sat on it. Suppose it’s better than standing on street corners?

Anyway, once home it was time for the shred, and I decided to stop being a chicken and get on with level 2. When I first got the DVD I watched all 3, and I am not sure it was a good idea as in my mind I remember all the impossible looking moves. Boy, this one was harder than level 1! Those walky push-up things- I am glad no-one was watching me! I was super sweaty at the end (sorry TMI!) but I did manage it. I found the cardio bits more enjoyable than in the level 1, maybe because there was more variety, and lots of the moves were ones we do at aerobics so at least I could do those.

I needed a shower after! And dinner (bean wrap yummy). As it was so nice we even had a little walk after dinner- making the most of the dry weather.

Now I am not sure if I prefer running first, then doing the shred, as the running warms me up. It does mean that my legs are tired for the squats and lunges. But if I do the shred first, going for a run in the fresh air after is lovely, but my legs are a bit jellified and the run is much harder work.

So, shred first or run first? What would you do?

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3 thoughts on “Shred level 2”

  1. I would do shred first. You need the muscle strength for good form, and you need good form to get the most of of the workout. Otherwise it just becomes another cardio sessions, and what’s the point in that! In fact as it gets harder, I’d be tempted to say do *only*, no run afterwards. Or maybe just a mile’s cool down. Either way you sacrifice the quality of one or the other..

  2. Thanks girls. I think doing the level 1 with a run is OK, but I think the level 2 was way harder so I suppose I should do it first. Or I might do 1 and 2 together, and have a longer run on another day instead. Decisions, decisions!

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