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So today was my long run day. I had some porridge (more yummy rude health porridge) and then pottered around, did some cleaning and things to make sure I didn’t go out too soon after eating. I even put my water bottle in the fridge to cool it down!

I also loaded up my mp3 player with some podcasts; the latest marathon talk one, plus some radio 4 ones for after.

When I started running I was feeling pretty tired with heavy legs, but I wanted to go slow and steady so I decided I would keep on and see how I felt. In fact I ended up really enjoying the run; the sun was out, there was a nice breeze to keep me cool (er), there were loads of people out walking, cycling and running by the lake, and I really enjoyed the podcast. They had an ultra runner on there who did 100km! Crazy stuff! 

I managed the run in 94 minutes, and it ended up being 8.5 miles or so, and I think the fact that I was running slower than previous runs was partly why I enjoyed it. My pace was really consistent, which I was also super pleased with.

Once home I was excited to try my new nuun hydration tablets.

The instructions are to put one tablet into 500ml water, wait 2 minutes and then drink. No stirring or anything.

So I did not stir at all, just watched the tablet fizz around and mix with the water.

And right before I had it:

It really did not need any stirring or mixing, so would be ideal if you were out on a really long run- you could easily carry the tablet tube and add one in to a normal bottle of water.

I tried the tri-berry flavour and it was nice, not too sweet, and not fizzy either (which is good). I really feel that I need to have some salts once I get back, as my face is always covered with a thin layer of salt. These little tablets have :

Sodium (carbonates) 360.0
Potassium (bicarbonate) 100.0
Calcium (carbonate) 12.5
Magnesium (sulfate) 25.0
Vitamin C 37.5
Vitamin B2 500mcg

and citric acid, sorbitol, sodium carbonate, natural colours flavours, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, polyethylene glycol, magnesium sulfate, sodium benzoate, calcium carbonate, acesulfame potassium, riboflavin-5-phosphate. They are also vegetarian (and vegan).

Anyway, so far today I have not got a headache, which I generally get after a long run, so I am hoping that one will not arrive.

I am looking forward to trying the other flavours now too.

I had a nutty 9 bar with that, then after a shower it was some bread, almond butter and cherries.  Am looking forward to a cookie with sunday tea later 🙂

On the marathon talk podcast they were talking about routines following long runs (immediatly after e.g. what to eat/ drink, but also the following day)- to help recovery, so what do you do following a long run to help your body recover and to make sure you are moving on in your training?

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8 thoughts on “Trying nuun”

  1. Good work on the run. I think enjoyable and at a consistent pace makes for a perfect LSR 🙂

    Immediately after I finish (within 10 mins) I either have a bottle of chocolate milk or a large chai latte or hot choc. That’s usually while I get back to my stuff, as with the longer runs I don’t do them from home, so have to get back on public transport.

    Within the hour I then have a protein shake and some more carbs – usually a banana and some oatcakes. Sometimes an energy bar. I also have some nuts and dried fruit on hand, depending on my hunger and the state of my stomach.

    Once my stomach has calmed down – 1.5-2 hours afterwards, I have a small meal. Soup, a sandwich, or something like that. If it’s been a really long run then I try to keep snacking as the afternoon goes on. It’s at this point that I tend to eat fists full of nuts!

    I then eat normally from then on, though allow myself to snack more according to hunger.

    I find anything up to about half marathon length it’s pretty easy to refuel, but 14 miles+ and it gets difficult. At those distances I mostly just make it about eating as much as possible as soon as possible, without upsetting my stomach further!

    Wow, that was long. You can tell I’ve had trouble with this!

  2. Michelle- it is hard to work out what you will need beforehand isnt it? I used to hate the feeling of being hungry on a run, as it worried me that it meant I had no energy left. But I now know that even if I feel hungry I still have the fuel in me to finish the run!
    Alison- phew long reply indeed! I can see how you would have trouble refuelling after14+ miles- after maybe 10 miles my appetite just goes and too much food can leave me queasy and a bit bleurgh. Gosh I cant imagine getting onto a train or bus after a long run, all I do is hobble upstairs!
    Mary- thanks 🙂 At the mo I only have one 10K booked but I want to keep the distance runs up and get more comfortable going for longer.

  3. I use Nuuns during longer summer runs and for marathon LSRs. The flavours are a bit variable but they’re less cloying then the energy drinks. I’ve also used them before and after and as a sort of a general ‘tonic’ if I feel I’m still quite dehydrated a while after a run. Might be placebo effect with the latter but seems to work well.

    After a long run I’ll usually have a potein shake but may also have a milky coffee (if it was done in the depths of winter and/or I’ve had a cold bath afterwards). I’ll also try and grab anything ‘carby’ shortly after, and will have a Trek bar for another protein boost an hour or so later.

  4. Hi Rob,
    I was wondering about the placebo effect too, but I had no headache which is unusual. I wanted to try it once after a run to see how it was, and then I might try it before a shorter run, as I think in summer it would be better for me to take it with me on runs instead of plain water.
    I like a warm drink aftera run in the winter although my choice is a massive cup of tea!

  5. You know what’s funny? I spent the whole losing-weight period of my life avoiding sodium and now it seems my body needs more of it! Funny how when your goals change, your diet changes along with it.

    Glad to hear you didn’t get a headache. I think Nuun has some promise based on reviews I’ve read from other runners, too.

    1. Hi Jaime- yes it is true about avoiding sodium! But I dont get a lot in my diet generally- a little from bread/ cheese, but I dont have any of the big culprits like meats (obviously), ready meals, ready make cakes etc. I was really impressed with nuun as other recovery drinks have not agreed with me. Plus I suppose its more scientific than putting a pinch of salt in some orange juice or whatever! 🙂

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