Wasted journey

Evening all.

Today I had an annoying wasted journey. The other week I had an email from the health food shop about trialling a new product; I had to reply to the email stating which time I could make. So I did, and never heard back, but it seemed from the email that people could just come along, it didn’t say we would get replies. Anyway, I left work as soon as I could, and spent a while getting stuck in traffic and also getting lost on my way there. I got there just in time, only to be told (by a man with rather strong garlic breath) that I wasn’t on the list, and that I should have had an email saying not to come along. Well, I never got the email and so I was a bit annoyed as he was not apologetic at all. Hmph. So then I got lost some more, and got stuck in more traffic on my way home. Grrrr.

Once home it was totally time for dinner; some of my mini chickpea burgers, some butternut squash and some quinoa with tomato, cherry tomatoes, spinach and spices. Mmm.

That nearly made it all better. Also my last teapigs Earl Grey tea- perfect for weather like this.

For later I baked some plums with some agave, cloves and cinnamon.

Yum- they will be nice warmed through with some yoghurt 🙂

Anyway, on to nicer things. I have heard that my body pump instructor is back so I have that to look forward to tomorrow night- yay! I have totally missed it!

I am going to carry over the question from yesterday (or does everyone just run on a treadmill/ at lunch times in the winter? Neither is an option for me)- Any tips for running in the dark?


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9 thoughts on “Wasted journey”

  1. I tend not to run at night, but if I have to, then a clip on light, reflective gear, and no music. Also, take a mobile phone, and probably also a rape alarm, if you’re being really sensible. Oh, and if I’m going out at night, or somewhere secluded on a long run, I always tell someone where I’m going and for roughly how long. I feel like a total dork doing it, but then I feel a dork wearing a cycling helmet, and still do that..

  2. Sorry you had such a rough day! Hopefully tomorrow’s better for you 🙂

    I used to run before sunrise every morning and the only tip I have is wear bright colors, stay away from cars (even though I had to run on the road since we don’t have sidewalks around here..), and if you’re running through unlit places, run really fast. Oh, and turn around to check behind you every now and then. Those are mostly paranoia tips..but they’re useful.

  3. ALison- good tips. I do have an alarm somewhere (got it free once from a website when I ordered something else)- but I never take it with me- I might dig it out. Also good on you for wearing a cycle helmet- I always do and I don’t know why the government don’t change the law- like with seatbelts- it seems crazy now that people didnt use to wear/have seatbelts in cars!
    Mary- Thanks- I was fine by the end of the day, it was only that middle bit that was annoying! I like the paranoia tips too- better to be too aware of your surroundings than not aware enough.

  4. Reflective bibs are pretty good as they don’t get you hot; armbands with flashing lights are really good; wearing white rather than dark colours or even bright yellow is good in the dark whereas the luminous yellow is better in dusk or dull days. Run in well lit areas where there is pavement.

  5. I have to echo what everyone else has said, about using reflective gear and telling people where you’re going. It gets dark where I live pretty early, so even if I went to the gym to run after work, I’d still have to walk home in the dark. This has lead me to the theory that if I’d walk the route – coming home from the pub/gym/shops, then I’ll run the route.
    Also, have you thought about joining a running club? Or getting together with a friend to run, which might help you feel safer?

  6. That health shop thing sucks, you would think they would have let you trial it anyway since you’d made the effort to go. Or at the very, very least been apologetic.. I hate stuff like that! I would agree with Femme’s comment about running with a friend if possible, two people are safer than one!

  7. I emailed the nice lady at the shop, and I got a quick reply saying that they will do more trials in November/ December, so they will let me have a place on one of those, which is nice of them. So I suppose it wasnt all for nothing in the end!
    I like the idea of running with someone- but me and Andy have tried it before but he is soooo miuch faster than me. I should look into local running clubs really, as I have seen some around.

  8. the subject of night running came up on weightlossresources today… This was my reply.

    “All the flashing lights and reflective stuff is a good idea but you should not rely on it as your only defence.

    Unfortunately a driver who is not concentrating on the road is just as likely to hit you if you are dressed up as a Christmas tree or an “All in black Ninja Assassin”.

    You need to run smart.

    Always know your escape route. Seriously… if that car doesn’t slow down and go around you what are your going to do? Jumping into a hedge is a better option than bouncing off their bonnet.

    Don’t listen to music or podcasts. Listen for cars instead.

    Watch out for the headlights in the distance, alter your speed if you can so that you meet the car on a straight not a bend.

    If it is safe to do so swap the side of the road you are running on to give drivers (and yourself maximum visibility) around corners. So for example, if you are on the right hand side of the road facing the traffic it is sometimes better to swap to the left so you can see further around a right hand bend.

    If you think a car has not seen you wave at the driver.

    When a car is in front of you take a quick look behind you. Cars will often drive ridiculously close to runners so they don’t have to stop and let another car in the other direction past. You can reduce the chances of this happening by altering your pace or even stopping and/or stepping into the verge.

    Wave thanks to drivers who behave well (OK it’s not going to change the habits of every driver but it is polite).

    Don’t show your annoyance, contempt or disgust at a driver who behaves inconsiderately or badly. Road rage is real and not just confined to motorist v motorist.

    If a car behind you slows down to your running pace it is most likely that they are just being nice. Be nice back, step in at the next available point and let them pass.

    Take your phone or make sure someone knows where you will be and your expected time back.


  9. John- really useful thoughts, thanks.
    I run on pavements and either cross at traffic lights of traffic island crossings, but I have still had times when cars don’t indicate they are turning, so I think it is ok to cross the sidestreet, but then they turn- so I am extra wary now!
    I think the point about not showing rage is true, as the driver might take its annoyance out on the next runner or cyclist.
    I like the code to “run smart”- very true 🙂

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