Christmas Cake!


One of my favourite half term pastimes is making a Christmas cake. I use Rachel Allen’s recipe from Bake , and it is delicious. You have to soak a load of dried fruits in brandy first, so I did that before breakfast today. After some jobs and a nice long walk I set about making the batter.

Then altogether;

I put it in 2 tins (I always make some to give to my parents etc) and then into the oven they go.

They smell so good at the moment, baking away. I will save the icing for sometime in December 🙂

I had my other munchkin pumpkin today- I baked it with some cinnamon and maple syrup, then I cooked a tiny bit of flaked pudding rice in some coconut milk, and then for the last bit of baking, put that in the middle.

It went all gooey in the middle- I added a little splash of maple syrup at the end, and it was delish! Perfect pudding. I might make some pumpkin gingerbread later as it was so good. Plus, I found that Ocado also have tinned pumpkin!

(Randomly a different brand to the one in Waitrose)

So now I have half a cupboard full! Tofu pumpkin pasta could become a regular feature- yippee!

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Cake!”

    1. Me too! I think it is only around as it is close to Thanksgiving, and I suppose pumpkin is related to Halloween too- I am making the most of it anyway!

  1. Aaah munchkin pumpkin…I’ve seen it in Sainsbury’s but yet to buy it! Christmas cake looking good! Funny you should say that, because I got my Libby’s canned pumpkin (same as yours) from my local Waitrose, and I know Freya (BritChickRuns) did too! How confusing! But I of course stocked up too, and also have a ton of it! Funny how excited we Brits get over something that is so normal to Americans! 🙂

    1. I have no idea why waitrose stocked the Paula pumpkin puree (I got some of that too) and Ocado did the Libbys stuff- I thought they did the same things. But it’s all the same so who am I to wonder!
      I wanted to try it since last Christmas when I was given the Hummingbird bakery cookbook- there was a recipe for pumpkin cupcakes and they looked so good. I ordered some from an ex-pat website but it was quite expensive. But I suppose they are in London so can probably get more ingredients anyway.

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