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So the other day we had friends over, and I was super busy, but I did take some pictures, so here are some of the recipes. For nibbles I made some cinnamon spiced nuts- it is such an easy recipe (from a kids book so one of the steps is to wash your hands- love it!).

Before they go in the oven:

Basically you whisk up an egg white, add a few tbs icing sugar, whatever spices you like (cinnamon and nutmeg for me) and a drop of vanilla (or orange maybe) extract. Then you pour some nuts into the mixture (just keep on going until you have as many as you want- bobbly nuts like pecans or walnuts are better as they hold the coating better, but any are fine) and put them onto a baking tray. I find it easy to scoop them up with a fork so that not too much of the mixture stays on them.Then bake at a moderate heat (165c?) for around 20 mins.

When they come out they will smell amazing, seriously, I know I say lots of things taste and smell amazing but they really do.

Ok they don’t look that great, but seriously they are so good! Warm, nutty and spices.

I also made a pumpkin gingerbread loaf- I copied the recipe from Angela at Oh She Glows– (subbing sunflower for rapeseed oil, treacle for molasses, pecans for walnuts and I used an egg).

I used a little cream cheese icing (cream cheese, icing sugar and spices).

It was soooooooo good!

We also had chilli (Andy was a star and made one meat and one veggie one) which was lovely but I didn’t take any pictures. But I am sure you can imagine it!

Tomorrow evening I might try the pumpkin pasta recipe that Alison recommended to me (exciting!). I had not had chilli for a while and it was perfect autumn warming food-  so what is your fave autumnal warming food?


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4 thoughts on “Dinner party eats”

  1. Laura and Mary- they are so good try them!
    Alison- I am sure you could be creative and have a go- I suppose the egg helps it stick but maybe you could do them in maple syrup or something instead? The important bit is the yummy spices 🙂
    And yes- make the pumpkin loaf it was delish!

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