Friday = POETS day

That is, in polite terms, pop off early, tomorrow’s Saturday.

So after a manic day (actually 5 minutes to eat my lunch as I had so much to do) I rushed home for the parcel (did I say I missed a delivery yesterday, and rang the guy who said he would come at 4)- it actually came at half 5. Hmm. I was hoping it would be the clif bars, but it was an order from the natural collection website- baking things, nice peanut butter, trek bars. Anyway while I was waiting I did a load of marking and made some bread, got some more podcasts on my mp3 for running, hung up washing.. I was pretty productive.

Then I went on my run (fuelled by half an apple and a clif bar)- I took it nice and steady, and managed 5.1 miles in 52 minutes, with pretty even times (first half the miles were 9 something, second half they were 10 something, but it is more uphill on the way back). My leg felt good, I felt quite relaxed; all was good in the world.

I had a look on the Nike+ website and I have run just over 300 miles since the beginning of May- pretty good I think! It seems a lot when you see it written down like that.

I am really looking forward to the race on sunday, and also to helping out tomorrow to see what the other side is like. I think having the race atmosphere but without the stress of queueing for the toilets etc should make for a fun morning. The weather looks to be good too.

After dinner I had another delicious vanilla cupcake (with pretty sparkly icing) from Aisha (via the cookie swap);

Super tasty with yummy icing.

Now am settling down to some good TV ( I know how to live!).

Any exciting running/ races planned for the weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Friday = POETS day”

    1. Thanks! I don’t think I do that many miles as my midweek runs would be typically one at 3ish and one at 5ish miles, and then a longer run at the weekend, but it all adds up. 🙂

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