Pinch and a punch..

..for the first of the month. Although it is waaaaay past midday so I am not sure if it counts?

Gosh what rubbish weather, I was originally hoping for a run after work, but driving home the weather was torrential, and I have my long run tomorrow and didn’t want my trainers to get soaked. I don’t mind running in the rain, but it was so bad out there. So anyway, I did some of my shred dvd instead. I did level 2, and then level 1 (as the level 2 stuff is harder so I decided I would need my muscles to be fresh to attempt all the moves). I did it in socks today but I think in fact barefoot would be the best option as I found the socks slippy. I was what I needed after body pump as I was pretty stiff today. My hand weights are not that heavy (well not as heavy as a body pump bar) and it seems to help, doing similar moves but with lighter weights. It’s still hard work. I make sure I put all the blinds down as I feel like such an ungraceful uncoordinated red-faced something (not sure what word I am looking for, not lump, but something kind of like that but less insulting!) especially during the walky press up things and the plank jacks.

Anyway, I had my last 9 bar today (a pumpkin one) split between morning break and after work, so I think I am going to order some seed stacked bars to fullfill my seed cravings.

I also think I might do a post about winter running, as I have had loads of useful tips from all the comments (thanks guys 🙂 ) so it might be worth putting them all together.

I have spent loads of this week stuck in traffic, and the other day I saw someone eating porridge while at a traffic light (not sure if I mentioned that another day but I keep thinking about it for some weird reason! Andy said she probably got it from Macdonalds as apparently they do porridge? But still, how can you eat that while driving??).

So totally off running or food or any usual topics- what is the strangest thing you have seen someone doing while they are driving?

Normal running service will resume tomorrow! 🙂 Yay!

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5 thoughts on “Pinch and a punch..”

  1. About 3 years ago I was driving into Salford and there was a burgundy coloured transit behind me. When I stopped at some lights I noticed the fifty something driver and the late teens girl passenger were in a very amourous embrace. I drove on as did they but somehow they continued and after a couple of minutes her head dissapeared in the direction of his lap – and he continued to drive!

    Dirty, dirty Mancs.

  2. Maybe not the strangest thing..but I saw this one guy breaking just about every “don’t” rule in the book. He had a burger in one had, coffee in the other, a cell between his ear and shoulder, and a map in front of him…and he drove. omg.

  3. It’s been torential here too so I stayed at home and trained there. I don’t mind running in the rain but today I just couldn’t face it!

  4. I think winter running would be an excellent post. So many people assume that they have to retreat into the gym over the winter, but if you kit up properly that’s just not so! And it’s a great feeling to keep going through the year. It makes it feel like this is something you’re *really* doing.

    Saying that, I hope the weather improves for today, as no one likes getting soaked through on a long run!

  5. Rob – I am shocked! I thought that sort of thing only happened in films, not in real life!!
    Mary- that is totally crazy that he was driving with all that stuff! I often see people with newspapers spread out on the steering wheel- they must think it is ok to read at traffic lights!
    Laura- glad I am not the only one who avoided the rain!
    Alison- (are you up crazily early??)I will put the post together and sort it out soon as I managed it for the last 2 years, and have had loads of other useful tips too.

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