Thursday, the third day

Hello all!

A super speedy post tonight.

I went to body pump and it was fab!

I was cautious to begin with, although I used my normal weights. I took the squats track a little gentler, not squatting as low, and that was fine. All the arm stuff was fine (well, I say fine, I mean it didn’t hurt my leg at all), and even the lunges (again, cautious) were fine. What did feel weird was the abs stuff- the plank where you move your hands out to the side felt a little strange, but all in all, back in the game!

Woo hoo!

Now for one of these;

Woo hoo again!



Now my question is, re. Friends- if Monday is one day, Tuesday is two day, Wednesday is what day, Thursday is the third day, what is Friday? Kind of rhymes with five day, but then where is number 4? Hmm.

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3 thoughts on “Thursday, the third day”

  1. Great news about your leg 🙂 Hopefully you’ll be fine by Sunday now — rest is always the best option!

    I’ve never volunteered at a race, but it’s actually something I really like the idea of doing. I’m looking forward to hearing what it was like.

    Those cupcakes look awesome(ly huge) btw – enjoy!

  2. Thanks Alison- I am glad the leg is back to normal. The cupcake was delish- will have to put that as I forgot to!
    I have not ever volunteered either (always do the race if I am free) so am looking forward to seeing what it is like.
    Mary- fry-day- haha!

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