Tuesday, two day

It’s a little late, but it is about Tuesday so I think it still counts!

After work I had to dash around the shops, and had one of these yummy raw bars;

(Made from dried fruit and nuts with big chunks of brazil nuts- yum).

Then as my leg was feeling fine I decided to have a short gentle (and it was slow) run. I went for 30 minutes but did just under 3 miles-(2.91).  I had to make myself slow down. By the end my leg was aching a little, so I went home, as I ran in loops so that if I was ok I would have run farther. I usually have aerobics on a Tuesday but the leaping about and all the jerky movements did not seem a good idea.

After that it was dinner, and then we went to see Back to the Future.

Anyone like that film? I am not really a fan- it is ok, but I didn’t see it when I was little and perhaps if I had seen it I would like it more!

Also I was excited to get some parcels;

Yummy seedstacked flapjacks! I ordered them at the weekend as they are so tasty! I tried each flavour ages ago, but have had a load of 9 bars to eat up too. But I prefer these to 9bars. 🙂

I also got this;

I ordered some new running socks and a craft winter top. I tried the socks out on my run and they were fab! I normally have 1000 mile socks, and I like the tri ones as they are quite thin, but the normal 1000 mile socks started off good, but now the seam inside at the top all bunches up and is uncomfortable. So I tried a new brand which have flat seams. They were thick and comfy, although they are made of wool so are better for the winter I suppose. What running socks do you wear?

See you later alligator!

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday, two day”

  1. After getting really bad blisters when I upped my mileage, I decided decent running socks were something worth spending money on. Karrimor are my tried and tested favourites 🙂

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