Add one more layer

That was my mantra today. After getting cold doing playground duty, when I got home I was so cold already (not a good start) but luckily I remembered I had some capri pants which were a bit baggy. So over the tights went the capris, and then over them went the shorts. Three layers on top and I was ready to go. My legs were better with the extra layer so I will remember this next time.

I did the usual 4 mile route, it took me 39 minutes today which isn’t bad as my legs felt really stiff for some reason. Could have been the cold I suppose.

Warm (well, actually very spicy) chilli for dinner (my last batch from the freezer)- perfect in this weather.  Time to crank up the heating 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Add one more layer”

  1. That’s interesting about your legs feeling stiff/sore.

    I did 10 miles on sunday morning at a slower than normal pace yet my legs felt sore Sunday evening and yesterday, mainly my calves and quads. Could just have been the temperature (minus 8 when I started) but I wondered if I/we run differently if there’s ice or snow and stay more tense?

  2. Laura- its the spiciness that helps to warm me up I think!!
    Emma- go for the layering- the capris over the top helped loads.
    Mary- at least I didnt type the title wrong haha! In this weather I am freezing to begin with, then not quite as freezing towards the end- I never properly feel warm!
    Rob-I think you could be right- perhaps I was a bit more tense, worrying about there being patches of ice or something.

    1. So funny! I dont know what 60 is in C- but is that fairly mild? No frosts I take it? You need some winter weather gear (well, maybe some autumn weather gear!) 🙂

  3. It is *so* cold here. It was 15* C at the weekend in D.C. It’s snowing here. What!?

    On a technical running note, do you warm up before you go out when it’s cold like this? Just 5 mins of lunges, squats, etc to get the blood flowing and the muscles warm. That might make things easier on the legs?

    1. I do jump about a bit- I do the warm up from aerobics which is kind of stepping sidesways, back, heel digs, bit of sidesquatting and stuff. But maybe I should do it more, normally I am in a rush 🙂
      Yeah you would expect it to be colder in america but they seem to have a longer autumn and later winter than us.

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