Foggy running

Hooray for friday!

SO last night I had my beloved body pump, only I had such a busy day at work that I did not have much time before I had to go out so it all felt a bit rushed, plus my cold had made me go a little dizzy, so I promised myself I could use smaller weights if I needed to. In the end, I used the same, but I felt very tired and was tempted to cheat (eg grab a millisecond rest here and there between reps and stuff). But I kept my normal weights, and I did still enjoy it.

Today I felt better, my cold is basically gone, just the usual aches from the weights.

For children in need, in the end I decided to wear this dress- if you look close it has little spots in the pattern (and my new boots got another outing which is very important!). More comfy than the wellies!

Then after work (and a seed stacked bar- they are really good for right before exercising- I must have had about 30 mins between eating it and running and it was perfect) I headed out on a run. My, it was spooky out there. So much fog, and really patchy too, so in some places it was ok, but then suddenly it would get all thick. Plus, although my run is along roads, it also is by some big patches of grass, and as there are no lights in those bits it was very dark. Plus, my glasses kept fogging up (I must have been breathing in a funny way) so then it was doubly hard to see- is it the fog, or just me breathing? Anyway, it was 5.3 miles in 52 minutes (slowly creeping up the Nike+ colours/levels), pretty good, and spent listening to the end of last weeks marathon talk (getting behind) and the food programme. More interesting than it sounds haha!

So, any exciting plans for the weekend? Tomorrow we are out all day visiting family (and some shopping thrown in too) and then sunday will be a chilled out day-run in the morning, followed by lounging around at home and hopefully squeezing in some baking somewhere along the line. Aren’t the weekends fantastic? 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Foggy running”

  1. I miss BodyPump…must go again! Glad that you’re feeling better 🙂
    I hate fog running! The last time I did it I actually ran into a tree! 😛 Didn’t hurt myself thankfully, but I was a bit embarrassed!
    Sounds like a good weekend! Mine actually is going to be pretty much exactly the same as yours from the sound of it! 😀

  2. Lol at your spooky run! Hope you really do have a chilled out weekend. Remember, you’re tired because you’ve been ill, not because you’re inherently lazy! Respect that.. 😉

  3. Oh Emma- poor you- at least you weren’t hurt.
    Laura- the treadmill is not an option for me, and I love the fresh air. Plus where I run is pretty wide pavements so it’s not too bad. I would not be running in a park or anything like that.
    Alison- I am linking the tiredness to being ill, it’s just annoying really. 🙂

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