Evening all

Mmmmm banana bread! 🙂

It feels like the middle of the night already! Luckily I had no runs planned for today- I am on a long one tomorrow and already did one on Monday and Wednesday. Plus I walked into the washing machine door last night and bashed up my knee- a bruise and cut and everything. And I had to wait in for the shopping to be delivered. On my drive home it was really bad visibility from all the spray, but there were still car without lights on. Madness! So I was glad to come home and shut all the blinds etc!

So in tribute to hibernation (unfortunately I can’t actually hibernate) I did the next best thing and came home, had a cup of tea (teapigs chai) and watched Cupcake wars on the TV. 🙂 I also made some banana bread- the lower fat recipe from Veganomicon – only I used Rice Malt Syrup instead of molasses for a lighter flavour. Although I have made it before (that time I forgot the baking powder) I didn’t use the cups to measure this time, I just chucked it all in and hoped for the best. It made it super easy, and it turned out pretty good. I made it in a brownie pan so it cooked in about 25 minutes, and it smells so good!

Tonight I am having pumpkin pasta (hooray)- I made it the other day so it only needs heating up- gotta love a quick and easy dinner.

So, fave easy dinners? And fave easy hibernation activities?

PS- don’t forget my Teapigs giveaway.

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5 thoughts on “Hibernation”

  1. I want banana bread now! I’m going to add Veganomicon to my Xmas list…I’ve been eyeing it for a while now, and everyone seems to rate it!
    Fave easy dinner… wholewheat noodles. Can’t beat a dinner that takes 3 mins to do! Hibernation actvities…does baking count? 😛

  2. Girls- make some banana bread now! It is so yummy!
    Laura- I like it in a brownie pan as it is easier to slice than in a loaf tin, plus it cooks quicker too.
    Emma- veganomicon is a good book- loads of recipes- I wish it had more pictures as loads of the recipes don’t have pictures, and it is all in cups so getting the right amount can be tricky. But it has loads of ideas. And yes, baking counts! 🙂

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