It was a foggy day in greendale

Just for all the Postman Pat fans out there. By the way, did you know that the actress that plays Kalinda in The Good Wife was a voice on postman pat? Fun fact for everyone 🙂

Today I have not seen the sun! At points at work we could not even see the front gate or fence from the school building- crazy stuff. We have a lot of fields by us so I suppose it just hung about all day.

After work (and a seed stacked flapjack yum- seriously if you have not tried them yet then do- I saw them in Asda the other day so you don’t have to get them online or from health food shops) it was time for aerobics. I was excited because my friend who used to come with me (and has not been for ages due to work) was coming- yay! 🙂

But I am getting a bit of a cold- I had a really sore throat on saturday, and today I have been all sniffly and bunged up, so I was not bounding with energy like last week. Plus it was freezing in the studio (I think they had the air-con on- madness)- took a good 15 mins to warm up which is very unusual.

Anyone doing anything for children in need on Friday? We all have to wear something spotty, and the children are doing a bring and buy sale. I have spotty wellies (my only other spotty items are things like socks which they wouldn’t see) so I think I am having some kind of dress, leggings and spotty welly outfit! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “It was a foggy day in greendale”

  1. Emily- I hope you are joking? 🙂
    Alison- yes very chilly- I dug out the gloves for work today too.
    Laura- we do a lot of fundraising for the school, so it is good to so something to give away as it were 🙂

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