Not much snow

Evening all, hope you are all toasty.

Well, living in the south of the UK, we were not expecting much, so it was nice to wake up to an inch of snow this morning. I dutifully cleared it off my car, including the headlights and roof (so it won’t blow off while I am driving). Once out of my little road (I was the first car out for the first bit), the roads were actually clear so it was fine. Well, until the school car park!

Again it was cold, and once home I was trying to decide whether to go to aerobics this evening. My throat is sore so I don’t want to make it worse with all the shouting, but then tomorrow is a planned rest day anyway. The snow has gone mostly, but the stuff left has started freezing, but that is mostly down side roads and on the pavements, so my route to the gym should be clear. I even rang to check it was on (and I was half hoping it would be cancelled as it would make my decision for me). But in the end, I decided to go, as it might help warm me up! I was glad I went, although there were only 5 of us in the class so I think a lot of people decided that their houses were nice and warm, and they didn’t want to go out in this cold weather!

Now in this weather there is nothing better than porridge to warm you up (in my opinion) and lucky me, after sending an email to Dorset cereals saying how much I love their mueslis, they have sent me some porridge to try;

I am excited about trying the flavours, and also thinking that they might be handy to take with me to stockholm next year, as the little packets will travel well and are measuredΒ out. Although the marathon starts at 2pm so might have to start having porridge for lunch and doing long runs in the afternoon!

On a totally different note- does anyone get chillblains, or in fact know how to stop them? Every year for the past 5 years or so, I have got them (once they got infected -gross -sorry too much info!). The advice has been thermal socks (but not 2 layers of socks as that can hinder circulation), thick shoes, don’t put feet on a hot radiator, take gingko supplements (I follow the advice to the letter) but I have got them yet again, and my feet have not been warm all day. So any cures please help!!

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8 thoughts on “Not much snow”

  1. Can’t help with the chillblains I’m afraid πŸ™ Great work on getting to aerobis though. Anyone can do the workouts they *want* to do; it’s the people who do the ones they don’t want to do that make progress… And as for the marathon, it is recommended that you do the LSR at roughly the time of the race. So yes, you should be running in the afternoon! Porridge for supper maybe? πŸ˜‰

    1. Yeah, I think this weekend I am going to go out in thr afternoon. I might do it every other week or something as I much prefer running in the morning.

  2. Ditto, no idea about chilblains either I’m afraid!
    I am LOVING porridge in this weather! Seriously, I would have it for every meal if I could! πŸ˜›
    I know what you mean about the workouts, but I always try to remember that I’ll feel much better for doing it afterwards, and that usually helps πŸ™‚

    1. Chillblains are basically burst blood vessels- it happens when they go from hot to cold, or cold to hot, too quickly.
      One cure was putting feet in porridge! But think I would rather eat it!

    1. I would eat porridge for every meal if I could! (although I might gt fed up so best to keep it for breakfast!)

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