Rain, rain, go away pretty please

Evening all- what a windy and cold day! I think we were spoilt with the weekend weather.

Yesterday was a good rest day, I did a bit more baking to stock up the freezer. I was going to make apple and carrot muffins (they freeze well and are yummy for lunch with a bit of PB) but then I decided to try them in a tray, as at the moment my brownie pan is my fave cooking utensil. So anyway, I followed the recipe only I forgot the oil (whoops), but actually, they turned out pretty nice.

(Sorry it is a bit blurry).

So in one bowl mix 2 eggs, 120g agave (I used half rice syrup), 100ml milk and tsp vanilla (this is also suppoed to have 50ml sunflower oil but I forgot), then add in 230g flour (I did half white spelt and half wholemeal spelt), assorted spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice), 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp bicarb. Finally stir in 2 grated carrots, 2 grated apples and 50g chopped dates. Bake in the brownie pan 170C for about 25-30 minutes. Slice when cool. They are lovely and moist, but not very sweet, so if you like sweet cakes the maybe add in some more sugar. But I love them like this as they are delish with a bit of nut butter or something.

I also tried some of the Mulu chocolate;

The only ingredients are raw cacao mass, raw agave nectar, raw cacao butter, sunflower lecithin and bourbon vanilla. The little box has 9 squares, and a couple is enough. It has a similar texture to the conscious dark; almost a bit bubbly, or crumbly. Delish. I had it with some Teapigs chilli chai (which reminds me- don’t forget to enter the giveaway– the more recipes the merrier)- I was so nervous of trying it in case it tasted like salsa (what was I thinking?) but in fact it was lovely- like normal chai but amped up- a bit spicier.

Today after work I braved the rain (although the running fairy was with me as it was hardly raining at all)- I also braved the wind and the cold! It was interval time today, but I did less of a warm up and cool down (just under a mile each) and then one mile running intervals. It was pretty good and by the end (28 mins) my legs had at least warmed up. I also did level 2 shred today, and I am thinking that I need to get some heavier dumbells as the ones I am using are now feeling pretty easy (for all except the shoulder stuff- I find that the hardest in body pump too).

On a side note, did anyone see the New York marathon yesterday? It took me ages to find it (partly because I got the time difference the wrong way around so when I was up doing work at 8am I was thinking it was nearly be finished- whoopsie) but I did see a lot of the elite runners. My fave part was when the “normal” runners went over the start line to “New York New York” blaring over the tannoy! So, well done anyone who did it 🙂 and in fact who did any race over the weekend- there are stilla few about.

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12 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away pretty please”

  1. I missed it too! Did see the brazilian miner on the news this morning though…imagine doing a marathon after being cooped up for so long! He was running 5 miles each day but that puts my worrying about 20 or 23 miles into perspective!!
    Apparently he was absolutely made up that someone sponsored him a pair of running shoes!


  2. Yeah, I didn’t know we could watch it either, but I would have had the same problem as Laura anyway!
    Wel done for braving the rain! Thankfully, today was an ‘off’ day for me, but even walking through it wasn’t easy!
    Your muffin/brownies look good, as does the Mulu chocolate! I’ve thought of buying it before, but it’s pretty pricey for only 9 squares! Does have a good ingredients list though…hmm…

  3. Nice intervals! And shred too! You know, if you need heavier DBs, you could always tape some together like me 😉

    Alternatively, Argos do a cheap adjustable set that you probably do for upper body work.

  4. Laura- it was on eurosport or something like that- was hard to find but I remembered watching it last year so I was sure it would be on.
    Rose- I was him on the news too- going from 5 miles a day to a marathon is pretty impressive (or crazy?).
    Emma- I think the conscious chocolate is nicer at the mo (have not tried the other mulu flavours)- it is expensive but as you only have a couple of squares as it’s so rich, it is not so bad.
    Alison- taping together sounds ok but the two I have are quite chunky so I don’t think I would be able to hold them! I am going to investigate further…
    Mary- yes the minjer was running- they showed him over here finishing in 5 hours something, and also singing an Elvis song as apparently he loves Elvis!

    Kaitlyn- thanks- I am getting to love intervals more and you are right- it is satisfying onces they are done.
    Rob- Thanks 🙂 I was so glad that the rain stopped for me. I am getting better at including the intervals in each week.

    1. Thanks for checking on mine 🙂
      Teapigs make such lovely tea too- proper leaves, none of the dehydrated stuff 🙂

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