Better run and home-made gifts


After my bath last night (and deep heat) my leg felt better today, so after work I went on a short, 3 mile, gentle run to help loosen it further. I took it easy and although I felt ok, made myself stop after those 3 miles. The run was good, although it was colder than I had anticipated so was still chilly every time I stopped (to cross roads etc).

Then it was time to sort out the gifts I have been making.

I made some cranberry and white chocolate fudge- I used the Rachel Allen recipe for white chocolate fudge and added in cranberries for a festive touch. I was going to add in pistachios too (for the green colour) but I wasn’t sure if anyone was allergic so they are in the cupboard for another time. I got some little food gift bags from Sainburys;

I think the bags make it look so cute- much better than in a sandwich bag!

I also melted a few squares of dark chocolate to finish off the Mickeys I made for Andy (and the Minnies for me 🙂 )

Also a picture of the baby christmas cakes I made for our work tea tomorrow. I halved a christmas cake recipe and cooked it in a small square tin, once cool I cut it into little squares, covered each one with marzipan and then icing. (This I did on Sunday).

🙂 I am thinking that they will go perfectly with a cup of tea after work (its a sort of end of term social at school for all the staff) and as they are quite small people will have one.

Off to pack up all the presents to take to work now, so exciting- night 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Better run and home-made gifts”

  1. Just for the record Maria, I have no allergies so will be happy to have pistachios in my fudge…

    Homemade fudge reminds me of my childhood. My mam would make trays of fudge quite regularly and I absolutely adored it – the texture as much as taste. she also used to do home made toffee: sharp chunks of dark, brittle toffee.

    I really ought to have a crack at both sometime.

    1. I would have liked the pistachios too!
      Yeah have a go- its not too hard (so long as you have a good recipe)- this one you melt 100g butter, 1 tin condensed milk and 450g (eek) sugar, melt in a big pan and simmer until it turns darker, (and reaches the soft ball stage on a thermometer or you can check with a saucer or something)- then beat with an electric whisk beater thing for 7-10 mins until it goes stiff and the whisk leaves a trail. Then pour half into a tray lined with baking paper, pour over 100g white choco chips and some dried cranberries, and then pour over the rest of the fudge. Leave to cool, set in fridge, cut into a million pieces (it seems like) and enjoy 🙂 Go on:)

  2. Wow, I haven’t read your blog for a few days and you’ve done more baking in those few days than I manage in a month!!! (or maybe a year!!!)
    Love the gingerbread house and the fudge looks gorgeous. The little bags are really cute. I’ve got a friendly florist who doesn’t mind selling me a couple of metres of cellophane at a time which I always find handy for little projects or party favours.

    Hope your leg is okay in the morning


    1. Ah thanks- leg is fine ao good stuff 😉
      Well baking things is my fave and normally we cannot eat it, so making it for gifts is great as I still get to do it, but we do not have to eat it between the 2 of us!

  3. Mmm fudge.. Glad your leg is feeling better. I am so impressed by your baking groove — no wonder you’re giving stuff away as gifts, otherwise you’d be eating all this stuff until April 😀

  4. Alison- indeed giving stuff away is satisfying too (although worrying as I hope they like it!)
    Laura- yes the bags make it look so cute!
    Lara 🙂
    Jemma- yes in Sainsburys they were in the section with all the baking, marzipan, cupcake cases etc. 🙂

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