Feeling festive

Hello all.

So today, the saga with the tree reached a good conclusion! We took back the fake one and swapped it for a real one.

It is only a diddy one but it smells so good! Have not had a real tree since I was little. I do now have a rash from the needles though! This evening we decorated it;

Keeping it simple. Plus the poor little branches would not take the weight of some of the decorations!

I also decorated a christmas cake for my parents and one for Andy’s parents;

And to check that the recipe was still good I made some gingerbread cookies in preparation for making a gingerbread house next weekend;

Fun cookie cutter shapes- stars, heart and snowman.

They make the house smell so festive 🙂

For breakfast I enjoyed festive porridge- porridge with a handful of cranberries, a tbs pumpkin puree and some mixed spice.

Yum 🙂

I also posted the cards I had written the other day, and bought some wrapping paper so I am getting prepared.

One of my favourite things is to get home from work and put on the lights on the tree- it makes the evenings feel special.

In the shops today I heard A Winter’s Tale being played, and I love that song. When I was younger I was in a choir and we sang that one winter, it’s such a beautiful song. I also love Winter Wonderland for some upbeat singing. My favourite carol is Silent Night, which reminds me of my Grandad so makes me a little teary. So, fave festive song or carol?

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14 thoughts on “Feeling festive”

    1. Thanks 🙂 Our fake tree is staying in the loft this year (its such a faff to attach all the branches in the right place etc). 🙂

  1. I also love real trees — they smell so good! Do you make chocolates to hang on it? 😀

    I think I am going to make gingerbread cookies for christmas, you’ve inspired me 🙂

    1. Yay make gingerbread cookies! My ones were vegan as I used pure dairy free, and they don’t need milk or eggs or anything- just marg, treacle, syrup, sugar, flour and spices :)Mmmm
      I have not thought about doing chocolates for the tree- I should have made holes in the cookies and then they would hang on it……. ideas for next weekend haha!

    1. I like tha part of the song where the women sing, then the men, then everyone- very uplifting 🙂
      Yay for making gingerbread 🙂

  2. I have a theory with Christmas songs (and decorations for that matter) that as adults we have a predisposition towards liking the songs we heard (or decoration styles we saw) during our Christmases as children.

    So for me I like anything from before about 1986 yet reject out of hand pretty much anything after then, especially cover versions. It makes buying a compilation cd nigh on impossible.

    This also means we like songs by artists we wouldn’t normally care two hoots for. So, for me I enjoy offerings from artists like, Slade, Wizzard, Wham, Chris Rea, Greg Lake yet wouldn’t touch their non-Christams stuff with a tinsel wrapped barge pole.

    For carols its a little different. You hear them alot as a child but its not the artist or version you love its the song itself. So, as long as they’re not reinterpreted in too outlandish a manner I can happily listen to them all.

    1. I agree about the childhood thing Rob- I love The Snowman and that is because we watched it every year, so it reminds me of happy times with my Nan and my family, being all cosy, the excitement of the next day and so on- all those emotions come back. 🙂

  3. I kind of wish we’d go for a real tree back home. The tree I have here’s fake for conveniency’s sake..but we could definitely deal with a real one back home. The smell is so wonderful! Although we do have pine candles that sort of work to replace it. 😛

    1. Well I am enjoying every second of it as next year the fake one will be back- we normally have cinnamon or spice candles for christmas time 🙂

  4. My fave festive song has to be Kirsty McColl and the Pogues Fairytale of New York. I also love Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses – oh I’m feeling so christmassy right now! I can’t wait to make my ginger bread cookies at the weekend. So glad you got your tree finally sorted it looks fab!

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