Hard run

Hey all, and welcome to the non gingerbread post of the weekend!

Friday and Saturday evenings we had family over for dinner and stollen etc, so it was pretty busy.

I went on my run, and it was my last long run before holiday. I managed 8.7 miles in 92 mins, but it was hard work, my legs felt heavy and I felt tired. I told myself it was all in my mind, and I knew that if I didn’t do the whole distance I would be annoyed with myself for a while. Also I had not taken any water with me. I normally do on longer runs, but the last few weeks it has been so cold that my hand holding the bottle (even with gloves) had got too cold so I have been leaving it at home. Yesterday was much milder and I should have taken it with me. Anyway, once home it was time for nesquick and my last US clif bar, only I had run out of nesquick. Please note that cocoa powder mixed with milk does not mix as well or taste the same!

After a shower it was lunch time (it was about half 1 I think!) and so I treated myself to toast with chocolate PB;

Yum ๐Ÿ™‚ I also had some nuun rehydration (well, a tablet in a big glass of water). I really think it helps; without fail I would have a headache every single Saturday after a long run, but since taking this as well as water I hardly get them at all. I still do occasionally, but not regularly and certainly not every week. So if you have a problem with headaches after runs then they would be worth a try. (I just ordered a new pack from wiggle so they are on my mind).

Over the weekend I was busy making the gingerbread house. I also made a cake for our work tea next week, which I cut into little squares and have since covered in marzipan and icing. Very fiddly, but I think they will be appreciated.

Today I tried mince pie porridge- I cooked porridge as usual and then added a spoonful of mincemeat and some cinnamon. It was tasty.

My legs have been so stiff today, so I think I actually foundย the run yesterdayย harder work than usual. I had a walk up to the shops and back (for about an hour) which helped a bit, but I am going to see if a bath later will help.

Tonight I am going to watch Inception- we had some kind of deal with Sky to get it for free, so the plan is to watch that while wrapping the last few presents, and writing a few cards. It’s not a festive film at all, but it gets deleted tonight!

Anyone else loving the Kirsty and Phil Christmas shows? I think (exepct for cooking the ham and stuff) they did all my favourite festive things. I think in an ideal world home-made gifts are perfect. When I was little we made decorations for the tree and I have no idea how we did them, I would love to do that sort of thing. Although making cards has never appealed to me. I have made some fudge for people at work so hopefully they will appreciate the time and effort ๐Ÿ˜‰

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14 thoughts on “Hard run”

  1. Inception is AMAZING!! Great run and I totally know that feeling and it is always in my head:) Dark chocolate dreams is the best and is even more amazing on toast. I have never seen that show. Hope your co-workers enjoy your fudge.

  2. Enjoy the film, it is great! I’m a bit worried you won’t be able to wrap presents at the same time though — it’s kinda complicated, and rather absorbing!

    1. Thanks- I had seen it before in the cinema (although it was July and the air-con in the screen was broken so it was horrible in there!)- watching it a second time was good as I noticed little things here and there that I missed the first time ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have runs like that, and it really frustrates me when I know it’s all in my head! But it sounds like you had a good one anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wasn’t actually that big of an Inception fan, mostly because the movie was pretty long for me! Oh and you have to concentrate, because it’s confusing!

    1. It is really so tasty! I ordered a jar before from american sweets.co uk (but the postage is normally a bit expensive- I topped up the order with pumpkin!), but then found it on sale in an american shop in Southampton (uncle sams I think it was called?) so those sorts of shops are worth a look ๐Ÿ™‚

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