Ice, ice baby

(Perfect porridge weather- I also tried out my new thermal socks and the chilblains cream- am hoping to prevent any more from coming)

IcyΒ is what the roads are like now! The snow half melted, then froze overnight, then some more snow came, and that has also melted a little and frozen again. By the time I left for body pump this evening it was so slippery outside my house- not good.

Anyway, body pump was great– we had some more newbies (but they actually turned up on time!) and I really warmed up! I wish I could save the heat that I generate during a class, and disperse it during the day at work!

I wrote some cards today πŸ™‚ starting to feel more organised. At work we have decided that instead of sending cards to all the staff, we are going to put some money into a charity pot- anyone else do stuff like this? Sending cards in the workplace is a minefield- do you send them to your year group, the people you work with every day, all the teaching staff, etc etc- plus you see these people every day so are bound to tell them your seasonal wishes!

Night and hooray it is nearly the weekend- anything exciting planned?

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12 thoughts on “Ice, ice baby”

  1. I’m starting my card writing tomorrow hopefully! But knowing me I’ll procrastinate! πŸ˜›
    I DID have a lot planned with the weekend, but it has mostly been cancelled so far because of the snow! But hopefully we’re going to go visit some family, if we can make it up there! And lots of snowy walks too! πŸ™‚

    1. Snowy walks sound good- and if all else fails you can snuggle up inside and write some cards- the snow will add to the seaosnal feeling!

  2. One year we all choose a gift from Oxfam – you can buy a donkey for a village or school books for children etc, I think its great and something I try and do every year if I can afford it (I work with charities so love this kind of thing!) Glad everyone was on time for your class, so annoying!

    1. Yeah we did an action aid thing once, I think we bought a goat and also some cocoa trees or something like that. I think it is better than charity cards as not much money from a box of cards ends up going to the charity. The books for children sounds good- will have to decided where the card money is going πŸ˜‰

  3. dun dun dun du du dun dun…………


    I have only just started working where I am… I’m not sure how I’ll do it, probably just play it by ear and see what other people are doing!

    Haha Rob, Mike wouldn’t send any cards either but I make him πŸ˜›

    1. Oh yeah you want to see what the done thing is as you dont want to put your foot in it!! πŸ™‚ Andy is the same by the way, I even write the ones to his family now as he says his handwriting is not as neat as mine! Excuses!

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