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Today I decided to learn some lessons from last weeks’ bad attempt. The plan was 6 miles fartlek, so I decided (after listening to them talking about intervals on marathon talk, see I told you I go on about it a lot) to have some 3 minute intervals in the middle. I warmed up nice and slowly for 2 miles (actually it was just over 2 miles in 21 minutes), then I did 3 minutes of faster running (hard work, but not flat out as I had to maintain it for that long), then a minute of jogging to recover. I repeated the intervals 5 times, and then did another mile and a bit to cool down. Altogether I managed just under 6 miles in 57 minutes, so not a bad average time either.

I was well hydrated, I did not have an apple, and I visited the bathroom before I went out, and I felt good during the run. I feel the need for some foam rolling now though!

I had to have a very lukewarm shower (that turned cold) as I had forgotten to put on the hot water. Oops. But I had some yummy chickpea stew to warm me up after 🙂  Love those freezer meals!

On another note, thanks to all the comments on the post yesterday. I really enjoyed Born to Run and I hope other people will do. It is quite cheap here on amazon too.

Night 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Better intervals”

  1. Ok, I’m working backwards through your old posts, so I didn’t see what went wrong with the last lot of intervals, but I can tell you that when I ate apple in Berlin it screwed with my stomach something rotten! Cramps like nothing else :-/

    Looking forward to reading about Born to Run. I picked it up and put it down last Friday, in Favour of Feet in the Clouds. I’ll let you know how that goes. Maybe we can swap 🙂

    1. Oh I like the idea of a swapsie 🙂 Like a post library! I have seen that book and it also sounded great.
      Last monday I got weird stomach pains during my intervals and my legs went like jelly. But all good now.

  2. Stacey- I have been loving the foam roller- it is a bit sore on some muscles but it seems to be helping me be less stiff. JAG put a link to her blog which had a link to a u-tube clip which is worth a look (I have no idea how to put a clip on my blog!).
    Thanks Emma-trying to make myself keep to pace!
    Mary- yeah I am not good at mixing it up either but I am trying to follow the plan!

  3. I wonder what it is about apples that makes them a no no? Certainly looks like that might have been the culprit.

    Feet in the Clouds is an excellent read.

  4. Rob- I think I have read something about the fibre or something of apples which is digested in a funny way, so I am going to leave them until after running from now on!
    Laura- I never expected the foam roller to hurt, but at least you know it is doing good!
    Laura- Thanks for that- I am going to make myself love them!

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