Clear out and clear up!

Kind of like Stoppit and Tidyup (is it just me that used to love them?)

Today it was back to work with a bump- I really should have worn a t shirt saying “I did not get away on holiday, yes I got on the plane but then they closed the airport and we could not get away, but I had a lovely time at home” or something to that effect! I had to recount my tale so many times! Most people thought I would have gone as they knew my flight was early (we were right on the cut off), although a few friends knew as I had texted them!

Anyway, it was a good training day; nice and inspiring and practical- not too heavy going.

I had to pick some things up in the shops on my way home (for work- pasta to thread how fun) and then I found a bargain- shiny red cake boards for 29p! I got a few as I always make christmas cakes as presents and these make them look a bit better. I also recycled our christmas cards 🙂

Then I had a clear out- I managed a bag of old jumpers (when will I realize that I much prefer cardis over jumpers and hardly wear jumpers??), plus some jeans which I like but are too long (regular not shortie length!)- again when will I realise that I don’t wear heels so do not need a pair of long jeans??? I also threw away a pile of socks that have gone all crispy. That felt better!

Then it was time for a clear up- we had piles of paper everywhere, wedding invitations left out to remind us to reply (now I have written the acceptance cards phew), reciepts all over the place in case things needed returning, presents that had not been put away plus of course the decorations. Everything looks much tidier now and I feel better 🙂 Only the tree to go and that is now a job for tomorrow evening after I got distracted by Stargazing.

Then it was time for aerobics- hooray! The gym has a sort of skeleton service over the holidays, so I have not been for the last 2 weeks and I was looking forward to some cheesy tunes! It was fab, but I was feeling so tired and it took me a while to work out why- duh– I did a long run yesterday and normally follow that up with a rest day the next day. No wonder I was tired!

Did anyone see the solar eclipse today? I was already at work but it was really cloudy here so I would not have been able to see it anyway. I saw some stunning pictures on Stargazing tonight. I love all that stuff- when I did physics the astrophysics was by far my favourite topic- so interesting, and when I was little being an astronomer was one of things I wanted to be when I grew up! Anyone else?

Right, off to put my feet up now- night 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Clear out and clear up!”

  1. “When will I realise that…” could be my moto!

    I was really into stargazing as a kid, but then something else took over, as it usually does at that age. I think it was music.. Anyway, I do wish I knew more about the sky. When I get out of the city to somewhere unpoluted it really blows my mind..

  2. Sadly I missed the eclipse…I was looking at the ground at the time attempting to stop my feet from sliding out beneath me. The temperature dropped suddenly while I was running and the pavement turned to a bobsleigh run. Scariest run since yesterday 🙁

    I adored Stoppit and Tidyup!!! It was my favourite programme when I was five and my Mum even drew me a birthday card featuring them that was featured on CBBC. Proudest moment of my young life. My favourite characters were Gotobed and Calmdown!

    Clean-outs can be so cathartic. I really need to do one as my house/study/bedroom is a complete mess.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my last post…I’ll try to keep more positive.


  3. Stacey- I know I feel silly saying the same thing over and over!
    Jemma- I think most people missed it as it was cloudy
    Alison- I think I am half way there realising! 🙂 I still love looking at the night sky- you are right it is so amazing when you are somewhere clear.
    Jessica-Glad you got the stoppit and Tidyup reference- I used to find them all so funny! A card made just for you is pretty special too 🙂
    Laura- I would have loved a telescope! 🙂

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