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Tonight was body pump night, which means it was going to be a good good night (that was a chest track once). More newbies (one was on time so we had time to show her the equipment etc, but two turned up ten minutes into the class which is a bit of a faff as we have a zumba class straight after so it’s such a rush)- this is the time of year where all the classes get full.

One thing that I have noticed I love about the exercise classes I do is the order of everyone doing the same thing. There is something very satisfying about looking at everyone in the mirrors and seeing every person lifting or squatting at the same time to the music. It is the same in aerobics; in our class we do a warm up, then do a little routine, and then we get into rows. I generally lead a row as I have been going for a while, and one row does a move for a count of 8 (a long move e.g. jog forward, star jumps, jog backwards, star jumps), then the next row does that while the first row does a new move, and so the moves ripple along. The people at the front take turns to count, and for some reason I find it so satisfying that everyone just falls into their places and everyone is moving in synch.

Body pump was great- last week I wimped out of extra weights during the back track, but this time I kept them on 🙂 And I managed the heavier weights during the whole of the shoulders track whereas the last few weeks near the end I have swapped to lower weights. So I am feeling good about that! Yes!


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12 thoughts on “I love the order”

  1. Nice work on those weights! And that’s so funny what you say about everyone moving in sync. I can imagine it’s quite satisfying. I was gawping at a Cheerobics class at my gym today and it was definitely quite compelling. Until someone messed it up and got out of time that is! 😉

  2. Cheerobics! Is that like a high school musical workout? Sounds so much fun! 🙂 But I would be the person getting it wrong (I often am at aerobics which is a problem as I lead the line haha!)

  3. Couldn’t help but think of old footage of ‘Strength Through Joy’ from the 30s when you said you liked the unified order of the movements!!!

    Glad you enjoyed the session.

  4. I feel the same way about the beautiful synchronicity of group exercise classes, particularly Body Pump and Body Jam. I always feel embarrassed and ashamed when I mess up and disturb the order…which happens sometimes because I am horribly unco-ordinated. I remember the ‘good good night’ chest track! It was quite an easy one compared to the last two releases I think. I’m not keen on the new shoulder track though ~ I miss All Around the World! I think the best shoulder track ever was a cover of AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck.’ It was my first experience with mach raises, my all-time favourite move in Body Pump.

    The oats and other goodies you sent arrived this morning ~ thank you so much! You really didn’t have to include some other bits but I am very grateful that you did ~ I’ve only tried a PB Clif Bar once before and can’t really remember how it tasted so I’m looking forward to munching on that this afternoon 🙂


  5. Every time I read your body pump posts I want to go try it out.. I need to find a gym buddy hehe going to an exercise class by myself seems scary.. I’m such a wimp!

  6. Rob- not heard of that one- sounds interesting!
    Jessica- I have learned to laugh at myself when I get it wrong- the instructors at both classes I do are lovely and like a joke, so they never mind. I always find the shoulders track really hard- my fave song was the Summer of 69 for the squats (with our instructor changing the words to “Aint no use in complaining, when youve got some squats to do!).Glad you got the bits 🙂
    Laura- I was nervous too when I went to both classes, but everyone was so friendly so I reckon go and try one out- you might love it and if not you have only wasted an hour.
    Thanks Rachel 🙂

  7. I like that in body pump I can look in any direction and pick up if I have to take a few seconds (thanks to the burn) because everyone else is perfectly in time 🙂

  8. Well done for the extra weights! I often chicken out! 😛

    I love that about exercise classes, especially Pump! And it’s great once you’ve learned the routine to be able to do it without watching the instructor non-stop! 😀

  9. Lara- you are right it is useful to be able to see what everyone else is doing.
    Emma- thanks- I normally chicken out too haha!

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