I must drink more on Sundays

That is what I have been thinking about today! I noticed the other week, when I thought about it, that during the week I drink a lot of water, rooibos tea and normal tea, and on Saturdays because of my long run I also drink lots. But on Sundays I could go all day on 2 glasses of water and 2 cups of tea, which is not good. So today I made a conscious effort to drink more than I normally do.

I drank water with my breakfast (usually I do, but this time I had another glass of water after).

I drank water while I made some cookies;

(Yummy PB and white chocolate ones from Hummingbird ).

I had some tea while I watched The Princess and the Frog (which was annoying as for some reason our box missed the end- will have to wait until it comes on again to see the last few mins)

I had more water with my lunch, some with dinner and will have some later on. So I am going to make sure I think about this each Sunday so I am properly hydrated every day.

We had a lovely meal last night, but what was very funny was on the menu, the lasagne which contained beef, was labelled as being vegetarian. So I think the parmesan cheese was the least of my worries!

This afternoon we had a nice walk, to stretch the legs, but actually I was not feeling at all stiff. I am still really amazed at how much better I am than this time last year, when the 9+ mile runs were such hard work when I was half marathon training- I was actually dragging myself along for the last few miles. Plus I can still function in the afternoon, whereas before the most I could manage was laying on the sofa all afternoon! And I am not exaggerating at all- I was totally wiped out!

And finally a little roundup- This week I did my 3 runs which totalled just over 22 miles, and I was pleased with how I felt after each run, so I am feeling good about that. I also did aerobics, body pump and had a walk on each of my 2 rest days. I have been using the foam roller, and I have been thinking carefully about what to eat to refuel (and fuel) the workouts a little more. So I am counting this week as a success. If I remember I might do a little roundup each Sunday evening to see how the training goes. 🙂


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9 thoughts on “I must drink more on Sundays”

  1. I think I have the opposite problem…I drink ridiculous amounts and sometimes it messes with my salt levels I think!

    Love the look of those cookies…and I can’t believe a restaurant labelled a beef dish as veggie. I seriously hope it was just a typo and they didn’t really think beef was an appropriate veggie choice.

    Your training plan seems to be paying dividends, and I would be thrilled to see a little round-up every Sunday if you feel like writing one. Don’t make it a pressure thing though!


  2. Nice week’s training! It sounds like you’re really settling into this marathon malarky 🙂 Bit of a shocker about the vegetarian beef lasagne though 😮

  3. don’t feel quite so bad about my parmesan slip up if a restaurant does that!!!!!

    I know exactly what you mean about drinking enough on weekends. My intake is definitley down even though I try hard not to let it.

    Sounds like you’ve had a great training week…….how many weeks now????


  4. Jessica- I am pretty sure it wa a typo as it listed beef in the ingredients- it was just funny really! I will try to remember the roundup as I like the idea of being able to look back at each week and so on. 🙂
    Alison- I am going to celebrate the good weeks as I am sure I will need to remember these weeks at some point.
    Rose-I think I have 17 (or 18?) weeks left? Seems like a long time but I am sure it will fly by!

  5. That’s excellent – especially comparing this year with last. I’ve done a bit of that lately. Its interesting to see relative times but you’re spot on that some of the most valuable lessons are how you feel afterwards.

  6. Its really great to read that you are settled so nicely into your training, feeling positive is a great boost to the legs if they ever do tire …. which by the sounds of – they WONT 🙂
    Kooooooookkkkkeeeeeeeeeee’s me want!

  7. Laura- go for it and get out there I say- nothing compares to the fresh air 🙂
    Rob- It is something I want to really think about as my training goes on.
    Lara- thanks for that! Hopefully not! The cookies are from a good recipe.
    Jen- It’s all about the teapots over here!

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