Slow start

Evening all

Today I had another run planned, but ended up having a rather lazy morning. I did not even have breakfast until nearly 11, so then I had to wait for another hour before I went out. I used my waist pack again and it was brilliant (this time with the bottle that came with it- even less bounce)-it also has a handy little pocket which is my fave thing (pockets in running gear)- so handy! I have pockets in my shorts, tights, even in my top!

It is so hard to take a picture like this! (Where is Andy when I need him? Well, off watching football!)

I could not decide how far to go (the marathon training plan is still being sorted) – in the end I did my “normal” long run of 8.5 ish miles- 90 minutes, and I felt pretty good throughout. I am pleased that I have managed to maintain this level of fitness during the autumn and winter.

I logged on to Nike+ when I got back and as it was the first one for 2011 it had some stats for the past year. It must have been a bit skewed because I only started using it in May, but it averages out over the year. My stats were; 510 mile run, 2 runs per week on average, 10 miles a week on average, fastest mile of 8.35 (perhaps during my 28.10 5k race for life?), 49,630 calories burned (I think it overestimates but you do enter your age and weight into the website), with 77 miles in september being the month with the most miles.

It was pretty good to see this, especially as I was not expecting it!

I had a hot chocolate and a peanut clif bar when I got back- for the hot chocolate I heated 250ml Kara coconut milk in the microwave for a couple of mins, then stirred in 15g nesquick. This was delicious and just what I fancied as I got quite cold on my run.

Then after my shower I pottered for ages (this means dusting, washing, reading blogs and procrastinating) and did not manage lunch intil half 3. Not so good.

I made a kick-ass snack this afternoon- some defrosted cherries with some dark chocolate alpro and some delicious pecan and cranberry granola- yum 🙂 Alongside some tea (I felt very stupid in the shop as I could not work out how the individual teapots worked- wouldn’t all the tea pour out the crack? Silly me).

I am also in the process of using up a Terry’s chocolate orange by making it into brownies to take into work tomorrow. I love chocolate orange but Andy doesn’t, and once it is opened I could eat it in a couple of days (and it would be just me too, not anyone else helping!). So I decided to put it to better use. Maybe some pictures later!

Last night we could not decide what to have for dinner, so we had another soup, bean and sweet potato combo. It’s so easy! (I should actually make the soup but to be honest I could not be bothered!).

So in a pan we cooked a couple of peppers that were past their best, added a tub of spicy tomato soup (this time it was Waitrose tomato and pepper soup with chipotle chilli) and a tin of kidney beans. We served it with baked sweet potato (sped up by microwaving first) and some salad. Delish- no cheese or salad dressing needed either! It is currently my fave quick and easy speedy meal!

Tomorrow it is back to work, and we are having a training day which means I should be home a bit earlier. My plan is to clear out my wardrobe a bit and get a bag of clothes to give to charity- I came across some jumpers today which I have not worn for a couple of years- they were in my pile of “don’t get rid of just yet, hang on for another year in case I start wearing them again”- well, I think it is time they went! I also have some tops which I think will be sent to the “duster” pile as they are so tatty now! I love a good clear out- it’s all very theraputic so I am looking forward to it. Anyone else planning an early spring clean or clear out?

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17 thoughts on “Slow start”

    1. Excellent- it is always great to clear out and hopefully lots of them will go to good new homes.
      It was delish- I love chocolate and cherries 🙂 plus the alpro is so chocolatey- most choc mousses contain gelatin and are no good, but these ones are perfect!

  1. We need to clean things out! We’re moving in the late spring or early summer, so I’m hoping for a big clean out of all our junk while we’re getting ready to move! If we haven’t seen it or touched it in a year, it’s being donated or trashed! No excuses! (my hubby is going to kill me haha)

    1. I think at times you need to be ruthless and just get rid- we had a massive clear out of our garage in the summer and we have not missed anything that we got rid of! Good luck with it!

  2. I want to tidy the hose and will probably clean out as I go, always so daunting though because I always keep things for “just in case”.

    1. I keep loads of things “just in case” but after a year of not using the just in case ones I get rid of them! 🙂

  3. Strangely enough I spent an hour or so clearing out my wardrobe this afternoon – throwing out some old stuff but also putting some in a rarely accessed drawer just to make my running kit drawers easier to manage.

  4. I cleared out on new year’s day — I was too tired to do anything else, so I thought I’d put myself to good use!

    Wow at your stats — that’s why GPS watches etc are so good, as it’s amazing to look back on the year like that. Imagine what it’ll feel like when you have the full 12 months for 2011!

  5. Sounds like you had a perfect time over the New Year, shopping, feeding, hotels, chilling out ….. just lovely!

    I had a big old clear out before christmas, however I do still have 2 binbags full of ‘big’ clothes that need to either go to the charity shop or onto ebay.

    When does Andy do his running?


    1. Andy goes out for runs in his lunch hour as he joined a gym nearby, and he often goes out saturday morning too, before I go out (he can run a long way before breakfast!)

  6. Rob- what a good idea to make it easy to get to your running kit 🙂
    Alison- clearing out is indeed good use! Yeah I am already looking forward to next years’ stats!
    Jemma- I am looking forward to feeling organised!
    Rose- it was a lovely relaxing time thanks 🙂
    Mary- it did log my running but the things like the averages were worked out as my runs from may, divided by all the days in the year (and not just the days from may) so I must have done more than 2 runs in the average week 🙂 But the totals (eg how far etc) are proper if that makes sense 🙂 It is so great to see you are right!

    1. Yeah I managed ok by finding clear pavements, so I think my longest was about 10 days without a run, (oh, and my summer holiday which was about 15 days I think!). 🙂

    1. Aw thanks you are so sweet 🙂
      I am loving the waist pack and you must be so thirsty on all your mega runs so I bet you could use one!

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