Smiles all round

Evening peeps 🙂

Thanks for all the comments yesterday- I am still not sure what the problem actually was- but I am going to be careful from now on and make sure that a- I am hydrated, b- I have been to the toilet, and c- I do not eat apples right before a run!

I was fine in the evening, and have been fine today too, although a little tired.

I did print off the masterplan and as it started last week (I am such a cheat with my lists!) I got to tick off 4 runs in one go! How satisfying. And another smile 🙂

Today was aerobics- I shared a trek flapjack between my morning and afternoon snack to fuel me up. I was very excited as last year one of my friends started coming to aerobics with me, but since then she has moved house and finds it hard to get there, but I found out earlier that she was coming tonight 🙂 More smiles! 🙂 🙂

Aerobics was fab- there were more newbies again (this time of year there are always more keen people!), and although at the start I was feeling a bit weary, as it went on I felt like I had more and more energy- even more smiles 🙂

Soon I am going to finish reading the fab book I got for christmas, Born to Run , so I might do a little book review sometime in the next week or so. Another smile 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Smiles all round”

  1. Will be looking forward to your book review! I could do with getting some decent reading material. I seem to be surviving on really cheap and nasty chick lit at the moment…it’s great for sending me to sleep but not very stimulating!


    ps some nights your CAPTCHA code is almost impossible to read!!!

    1. Oh dear about the code- will have a look sometime.
      I have a couple of chapters lect so pretty close 🙂

  2. It usually takes me a couple of goes to get the right captcha code!

    Got to love a list. I’m another who likes to include things I’ve already done on a ‘to do’ list just for the tiny reward of crossing them out. Probably also because then I feel like I’m well into the workload.

  3. You know what I’m going to say…I don’t know how you can eat half a bar at a time! I’d totally have eaten two separate bars for snacks 😉

    I am overwhelmed by all the smilies ~ so glad you’re feeling positive and less stressed. I’m sure your runs will be easier because of it ~ I often find when I’m anxious my chest tightens up a lot and my muscles suffer…

    Like Laura, I am notoriously clumsy and I have been known to stumble into people in things like aerobics/Body Attack…great that the class went well.

    Eagerly awaiting your review as I’ve wanted to read that book for ages.


  4. Ah Laura, I have no coordination too- in the class the arms are optional, and now I have been going a while I can do the arms so long as the arms movement matched my legs! I have to lead a line now and I was giggling with the lady yesterday as I could not get what she was doing- I can see how she does it but my legs and arms dont do it. But so long as you are moving (and smiling) it is allowed!
    Jessica- I cut the bar in half at home, as it is the same sort of size as 2 little nakd bars. I could have eaten the whole bar, but then I would have had nothing with me for after work, so I had to save half! Probably had I been at home I would have eaten it all. 🙂
    Glad you are looking forward to the review too 🙂

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