Snacks continued!

Thanks for all the comments! It was clearly an issue a lot of people felt strongly about! I must say that I am not offended by what people say to me, but I do think that some people with more food issues could be driven to being more anxious around food, so I do think people need to think about what they say! I think that as I work with a lot of older women who are constantly on diets (but never exercise), the issue of food is often discussed. Glad everyone else loves their snacks too! I think it’s the best way to fuel exercise, and also to stop me from getting so hungry that I stuff myself.

Onto today; I was most excited to have a delicious breakfast

Last night I put a packet of apple porridge in a bowl with some Kara coconut milk and a sprinkling of allspice. This morning I cooked it and then added a tsp peanut butter, and also added some cinnamon. Totally delicious!

After work (and a clif bar- I orderd some oatmeal raisin ones from Wiggle and they arrived yesterday, randomly with some haribo sweets in the box too which I took into work and were gone in a few hours!) it was run time. At the end of aerobics last night my calves were feeling really tight, and on my run today I had to stop a few times to stretch as they were getting quite tight again. The plan was 6 miles,with 2 in the middle slightly faster. The warm up was fine (in the drizzle though) and then after that I sped up a bit. The aim was 9.30 miles, and the first one was just over 9 mins, but this one is downhill! The next one was around 9.30, so I was pretty pleased. I do look forward to the lighter evenings where I can stray a bit further- the two mile loop is getting rather boring now! I am getting a lot of ticks on my plan which is feeling more satisfying as it goes on!

Once home I had to make my pumpkin pasta- I thought I had one more in the freezer, but no, I had to make it today. Before my run I weighed out the dry pasta and left Andy a note to cook it for me if he got back before I did (which he did). So once home, I quickly added the spinach to wilt it, whizzed up the pumpkin, tofu and sundried tomatoes and mixed it in, and then it was ready to bakeΒ while I had a shower πŸ™‚ Served with some green beans and beetroot it was very tasty indeed. I have 2 more for the freezer so the next few weeks will be back to the easiest dinners ever!

Now, off for an evening snack πŸ™‚


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13 thoughts on “Snacks continued!”

  1. Yay, glad the porridge has a great new home πŸ˜‰

    The anti-snacking diatribes do tend to come from non-exercisers but I suppose that’s primarily because without exercise the focus tends to shift excessively to food, particularly in terms of weight management. I wish some of these older ladies could meet some of the ones down at my gym though: they’re in their 70s, fit as a flea and love to do Pump, Attack and Combat classes, followed often by a few lengths in the pool. Then they’ll come out and get huge hot chocolates with whipped cream and a scone or cake. I love their attitude towards food, and none of them are overweight!

    I’m eagerly awaiting lighter mornings, so I can actually see where the ice/frost is as opposed to freaking out inwardly all the time wondering if the next step in the dark I take will be my last!


    1. I know, we have one lady who must be in her 60’s at aerobics who alwayws leads a line, and a few of the pump members are in their 50’s (they dont look it though)- I think the instructor is in her 50’s and I was shocked as I had guessed she was in her 30’s! Excercise keeps you young, and it is for everyone πŸ™‚

  2. I missed the snacks post yesterday but have to say that I’m a big snacker too! I always have a mid morning snack and on my running nights have a mid afternoon one too. I’d much rather have a slightly smaller lunch to allow for my mid afternoon snack as I’ll always want one no matter what I’ve eaten!

    I do agree that this unhealthy ‘snack’ attitude is probably down to the type of snack. I must admit that I still find it hard to reconcile myself that having a handful of cashews is fine and not a naughty thing!

    Sounds like the running is going really well but I do agree about the lighter evenings…it’s definitely getting lighter now but just not fast enough!


  3. Good run! And whenever you make that pumpkin pasta I always want it!

    And re. the snacking, I find that the people who make the comments are usually those who wish they could eat more themselves, for whatever reason..

  4. You are all so right guys πŸ™‚
    Laura- I look forward to reading about your outdoor run πŸ™‚
    Alison- make the pumpkin pasta- I am sure you sent me the link to begin with ! Its yummy! πŸ™‚

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