Yes! Body Pump! And hair washing


Thursday night means body pump! I love it! As you all know!

We had some more newbies today- I love the fact that all the regulars get all the equipment out and help people to choose their weights etc- we are a friendly bunch.

We have had the new songs for a few weeks now- I find it takes a while for them to grow on me- at firstΒ I tend to like one track, but as I get to know the others it helps with the enjoyment. Tonight I found myself grinning like a mad woman to the triceps track ( I have no idea who it was by or anything, not up with the chart music)- it really helps to have some good music to keep going. There are squats repeated in the lunges track near the end, and they are an absolute killer! Makes me grin though πŸ™‚

To refuel I had a lovely dessert (no picture I was too hungry!)- cherries, dark chocolate alpro and cranberry granola. Yummy πŸ™‚ And some dragonfly rooibos chai, which is amazing as it tastes like normal chai, only it is caffiene free so better for later in the evenings.

Onto the hair washing- I have very thick hair, mid length I suppose. It takes ages to dry in the evening, even if I use a hairdryer. I sometimes use dry shampoo (normally on a rest day if I can’t be bothered to wash and dry it) but at the moment I tend to wash it monday-thursday as I do exercise each day and feel sweaty after. I think the ends are getting a little dry (more due to the hairdryer I would think, but if I go to sleep with wet hair, it is still wet when I wake up as it takes hours and hours to dry naturally). So, my question (really for the girls) is, when do you actually wash your hair after exercise, and when do you not? Do you always wash it? I just wonder what other people do? I used to only wash it every other day you see, whereas I know some people always wash their hair every day.


(Hobbling off to bed now)

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13 thoughts on “Yes! Body Pump! And hair washing”

  1. I am sat here with sweaty, unwashed hair as I type. Sometimes I end up washing it twice in one day, but if I go late in the evening, then I’ll just rinse and leave it till the morning. I have fine, quite greasy hair, and washing it too much just makes it go crazy!

    I love what you say about helping newbies at bodypump too. Did you read Lara’s post about that yesterday?

    Dessert sounds great!

    1. Yeah I read her post- I think I commented after you though! So glad that she liked it πŸ™‚
      What I really need to be able to do it to take my hair off and hang it up over night so it dries naturally, but it seems to be stuck right on my scalp.

  2. You make me miss body pump more and more every week!! Ahhh I so wish my gym offered it!!

    In regards to the hair washing, I wash mine about every two days or so. It’s mid length and thick like yours so yeah, drying it takes forever. But on top of that, it doesn’t get oily as quickly as short hair washing it 2 or 3 times a week works for me, even with all the exercise. I do wash my bangs every day, though because those get oily fast. And when I do dry it, I let it air dry unless absolutely having to blow dry it.

  3. I have the same hair-washing dilemma! I tend to shower every day after exercise but only wash my hair every other day. I’ve noticed that my hair, particularly the ends, are getting quite dry and brittle though so I think I’ll need to treat myself to a nice shampoo/conditioner. A trip to Lush might be in order!

  4. Body Pump always has a fab atomosphere ~ I love the banter between regular members and the coaches.

    In terms of my hair, I am not a good role model: I wash it if I’ve been swimming because otherwise the chlorine burns my skin off, but otherwise I tend to leave it because it’s so dry and damaged!

    Incidentally, do you like the Dorset Cereals Apple Porridge sachets? It’s just I seem to recall you mentioning them and I have two boxes that I bought and wasn’t very keen on. Would you like them at all? They need a home πŸ˜‰

  5. I love the sound of your bodypump classes. I wish I could get to a class or two a week but I think that might result in a divorce on top of all the running!!!!!

    As regards the hair dilemma, with me it depends what I am doing the following day. For instance if I run on a tuesday night and am only in the office the next day (as opposed to out and about or meeting clients) then I won’t bother to wash it (just scrape it into a ponytail with plenty of product)- I don’t see the point when I’m going to run again on Weds and get it all dirty again!


  6. YES BodyPump is so so good! I don’t think anyone who’s tried it DOESN’T like it!

    Haha I live off dry shampoo, so seriously don’t ask me for hygiene tips! πŸ˜›

    The thing is, I exercise pretty much every day, but if I wash my hair every day, it gets greasy so much quicker! So I wash it every 3 days or so.

  7. Well thanks for all the food for thought guys – I do have dry shampoo which I use sometimes. I have also found some Aussie moisturising shampoo at the back of the cupboard which I never opened, so am going to give that a whirl!

  8. I live by dry shampoo, pony tail days and leave in conditioner. I only wash my hair 3 days out of the week as standard my hair looks better a little dirty as it has more body then (volumising shampoo and products.. meet my flat as a pancake unvolumable hair)

    I have bleached blonde hair though so dirt an stuff doesnt show up that well thank god!!

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