12 miles

That was the plan today.

I got up, had breakfast (lots of water, and porridge with pumpkin and peanut butter), then I cleaned the bathrooms. How efficient. When Andy got back from his run, I headed out. It was super windy out there, and in some places I felt like I was at walking speed. It drizzled on and off for a bit, but nothing heavy, and as it was mild it was quite refreshing.

I took some more of those clif shots with me, and had a couple after 7 miles (and water). In the end 12 miles took me 2 hours and 7 mins, which is consistent with my half marathon time of 2.19 I suppose. I was pretty pleased with how the run went- my pace was up and down but I think that was to do with the wind. Anyway, after being so tired this week I was a bit worried, so I am happy to have completed the long run, and also I am now on blue level on Nike+! Which I think is 1000km but I do it in miles and I have gone 630 miles since May!! When I got home I was hungry so had a snack right away.

The chocolate milk was very rich, but I did feel in need of some energy by that point!

After a shower lunch was next on my to do list!

Some spicy tomato and bean soup, with ciabatta with roasted peppers, courgette and cream cheese. So good.

This afternoon I baked some banana cookies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar (and yes I will be happy to do a review Emma πŸ™‚ )for Andy to take with him as he is off out to watch the football. Talking of cookies, I had 2 of the chocolate ones last night and they were delicious! Amazing!

I went to the shops to pick up some bits (although the shops were so hot and when I was in the queue in Boots I actually thoughtΒ  I was going to faint it was so warm- I am still only in a vest now as I still feel sooooo hot), and then made some dinner. My plan was to make those chickpea pancakes, and fill them with a lentil veggie mix and bake. But I was hungry and tired and wanted to sit down, so I made a variation!

I made a lentil chilli type thing with peppers, courgette, spinach, lentils, tomatoes, chilli and garlic, and then I made some little chickpea flour balls with chickpea flour, water and rosemary. I thought they would spread a bit more in the oven, and they didn’t, but they were yummy still.

I will for sure be having some tea later to accompany my work (what a fun saturday night I have planned!). How was your Saturday? πŸ™‚

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14 thoughts on “12 miles”

  1. Congrats on the 12 miles, particularly in the adverse weather conditions. I’ve been struggling in the gales too and they really sap your pace, so to have kept to your half marathon time equivalent is a huge achievement. Shows how much stronger you are (sorry to keep repeating myself, but I love seeing true dedication pay off when it comes to running).

    Food looks really yummy too ~ I’ll have to try making chickpea ‘balls’ instead of Socca, as I think they’d be a great topping for pasta…perhaps as a meatball replacement in tomato sauce…I’ll be trying your pumpkin pasta soon but with b/nut squash as I can’t find canned pumpkin up here any more πŸ™


  2. Emma – thanks it is a long way, esp when you are slow like me :)I am looking forward to all the cookie baking I get to do before I do the review πŸ˜‰
    Mary- The wind is so annoying- but at least there was no rain today- rain+ wind= worst combo for running. Oh, and ice is bad too. Hmm.
    Jess- thanks you always say the right things πŸ™‚ I am pleased that the training is still going well, over half way to the longest run now! Yeah try the chickpea balls, it was 50g flour and maybe 25g water or something like that? They would be nice on pasta, and I reckon you could add things into them too (shredded veggies or beans or something). I bet the pasta will still be lovely with butternut squash.

  3. Running at half marathon pace in that weather is really good going Maria! No wonder you needed to refuel pretty smart-ish!

    My Saturday was *incredibly* lazy. I stayed home in my PJs, did some work, watched some tv, read some blogs.. I did consider going out for a mile or so running, to see how it felt, but I’m pretty sore from the gym yesterday, and the last thing I need is to be out running with poor form. So I stayed put in the warmth!

    1. That sounds like a love;y saturday πŸ™‚
      I know I think I was going too fast really, but with the wind I felt like I was going slow- made it harder to judge I suppose.

  4. Woo way to go on the 12 miler! I am in the midst of training for my second half right now and it is just so tough to get myself out on those long runs without my running group!!!! Talking with friends while running makes the time go so much faster

  5. Laura- my intent was to make your socca pancake things and then wrap them around the lentil chilli and bake, but I was too tired!
    Kristina- thanks for that πŸ™‚ I always think if I can go out when the weather makes it hard work it will be easier during the nicer weather.
    Euniece- I have never run with other people (I did try with Andy but he was too fast for me)- so I listen to podcasts- they keep me going πŸ™‚

  6. Those chickpea dough ball things look delicious, I’m definitely going to buy me some chickpea flour and give them and a try! Love your idea of making socca to use as enchilada-style wraps too. Ooh, I love reading blogs like yours for recipe inspiration πŸ™‚

    1. Aw thanks πŸ™‚ I got the idea of the socca from Laura @ keeping slim and getting stylish, and my Dad makes pancake wrap things like that, but then I was too tired so I made it up!

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