A blueberry day

Evening all

Today started with some blueberry porridge- how exciting!

I put them in last night, and then when you cook it some of them pop! Super tasty also!

I managed to get through my first busy day at work (hurrah!) and then managed to fit in a blueberry oat bar before aerobics. Eating this while marking work was not the easiest thing to do! Crumbs everywhere!

(By the way I did only eat one, but look at the massive blueberry on the last one in the pack! Impressive!)

Then it was off to aerobics. I tried to take it a little easy as I was feeling tired. Aerobics can be super high impact, I suppose like interval training as you might do half a minute of high intensity stuff, then half a minute of something a bit easier, for the middle half an hour of the class. So I tried to make my movements a little smaller as I was tired. I still enjoyed it, which is the main thing 🙂

Now I am finishing a bit more work (and distracting myself from that by reading blogs oops) and then I will put my feet up. I do actually have some meridian blueberry fruit spread, so I suppose I could round the day off with something else blueberry flavoured- that has got me thinking…..

What’s your fave way to eat a blueberry? Or multiple blueberries as they are very small!


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19 thoughts on “A blueberry day”

  1. Really I just love to eat blueberries straight from the punnet, although I do adore the way they explode in oats.

    So sorry if I grossed you out a little with the leg shots ~ I did most certainly slap a lot of antiseptic on the cuts and picked all the gravel out. Fun times! Anyway, I’m sorry I was so insensitive as to forget that quite a lot of people feel faint at the sight of blood.


  2. blueberries…..I have em nearly every day in some shape or form! in my porridge with chocolate protein powder (or a highlights sachet fits the bill taste wise too), sometimes sprinkled with dessicated coconut.

    or in porridge with a bucket load of other chopped fruit.

    or in a fruit smoothie with pear and skimmed milk (or vanilla rice milk, that is gorgeous).

    love em 🙂

  3. It’s got to be blueberries in porridge, they go so well together! I love that meridian fruit spread too – you must try the cherry one if you can because it’s also DIVINE!

    1. Oh yeah I love the cherry one but have not seen it for ages- at the mo have blackcurrant and blueberry. 🙂

  4. I also love the way that blueberries pop in porridge! I also like them in smoothies. And back when I used to eat it, with yoghurt, honey and flaked almonds 🙂

    Good call on taking it a little easier at aerobics too.

  5. I love em in Porridge too but add them afterwards (mine are often frozen)
    Think I definitely need to try adding them before cooking (and you just reminded me that I haven’t put my oats to soak!)
    Where do you get those blueberry oat bars, they look really scrummy


    ps if I have fresh ones they disappear rather fast…normally just on their own!

  6. I LOVE blueberries! definitely my favourite berry and dare I say it probably my favourite fruit 🙂
    and those stoats bars look great. I love flapjacks but its so hard to find healthy ones. Where did you get them?

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