That is what I have been doing with myself since Saturday! My thought process initially was that I would rest on sunday, be better, and then add a couple of miles to my monday run. But yesterday my pains were worse (I realised that as I had a headache on saturday I took some painkillers which I think made the stomach pain go away briefly). I ended up ringing NHS direct last night, as the upset stomach had gone but the pains were bad, and Andy getting very worried. Anyway, turns out I also managed to get a urine infection (sorry for too much info!)- not a surprise as I had hardly had anything to drink on sunday, and nothing “watery” to eat (one piece of toast in the evening), and was probably dehydrated from saturday, so my mission to drink loads has begun. I managed to sleep better than on saturday night- was up every couple of hours or so, but am not at work today. The pain is lessening now, so I am hoping to be back to normal later on. But of course the monday run is now out the window. So now I am telling myself that if I go to work tomorrow I will have a run in the evening instead of going to aerobics- saves money and running is my main focus at the moment.

I am not sure what I am going to do with myself today! Daytime TV is not entertaining me!  I did start another review of the vegan cookie book- look here if you fancy it.

Thanks yet again for all the lovely comments- I have no doubt I will be back to normal very very soon!

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16 thoughts on “Bargaining”

  1. Thanks guys 🙂
    I am currently making my way through countless glasses of water (nurse’s orders!) while reading loads of blogs! So it’s not all bad!
    Emma hope you like it- I will try to add some more pics when I make more of the recipes.

  2. Hi Maria, Not been online this last week so hadn’t realised you’d been bad. Bearing in mind the reason for my absence you’ve obviously got my sympathy! Hope you didn’t catch it from my blog…

    Take care.


    1. Hi Rob
      Thanks- I saw you are siffering at the moment- luckily I use antibacterial wipes on my keyboard so I am sure I didn’t get it from your blog!!!!

  3. Off to check out your review in a second 🙂

    Keep on getting in those fluids and I really hope you’re feeling better as quickly as possible. Don’t push the run unless you’re at least 90% though ~ not after something so serious!



  4. Rest up hun, let your body heal, 1 missed run will not ruin all the effort you have put in. And if you go to work tomorrow and feel shattered remember not to push yourself too hard in whatever you do.

  5. Thanks Jess and Lara- I now have a doctors appointment for tomorrow, no work again although hopefully (I know I keep saying it) I will be back on Wednesday.

  6. I know what it’s like wanting to get back as quickly as possible after being ill. But remember that in the grand scheme of things, a week of down time isn’t going to make much difference. It might even do your legs some good to get a bit of a rest. So don’t push yourself to get back too soon, ok? 🙂

    And I hope you feel better x

  7. oh yeuck, you poor thing. That sounds pretty horrid.
    My doc always recommends flat ‘fat’ coke and saltine crackers to get over a stomach upset as fast as possible….the coke replaces the sugars and the crackers the salt…. (think both of those are vegetarian friendly)

    I really hope that you feel a lot better tomorrow


  8. Poor thing – those kind of infections are not pleasant! Keep hydrated and hopefully you’ll start to feel better pretty soon.
    I agree – daytime TV is rubbish, although when I worked shifts I did get addicted to cash in the attic!

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