Gluten free brownie cupcakes

It was time to get creative in the kitchen. My lovely friend (who is also a coeliac) was coming, and I find it so hard to know what to make. I have a good brownie recipe which is delicious, but comes out very moist and is so hard to cut. But I wanted to use my cupcake stand. So I attempted cupcakes with a few tweaks (eg less eggs, less time in the oven) and this is what happened!

I preheated the oven to 170C and put cupcake cases in the tin.

In a pan I melted 210g butter (well actually Pure spread) and 200g dark chocolate, and then added 200g caster sugar.

I whisked up 2 eggs, and once the chocolate mixture cooled (I left it about ten minutes while I made the spiced nuts) I beat the eggs into the mixture, with a couple of drops of vanilla. Then I stirred in 150g ground almonds. I then spooned the mixture into cupcake cases (this made 12) and baked in the oven until the tops looked firm. They did actualy puff up in the oven (must be from the eggs) but they sunk a little bit once they came out. In the end they cooked for about 17 minutes, as they are supposed to be squidgy in the middle still.

So problem solved! Gluten free baking? Check! Using my cupcake stand? Check! No need to slice the brownies? Check! Hooray!

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12 thoughts on “Gluten free brownie cupcakes”

  1. Yey, glad you got to use your cupcake stand! 🙂 Have you tried the brownie cupcakes yet? I need a good brownie recipe, I adore them but have only made them once and they were cakey…I definitely prefer the squidgy type of brownies…might give your recipe a try soon, sounds good! 🙂

  2. Ahh your brownies sound amazing. I made some brownies I found on a Jamie Oliver site once and man they were good but so bad for you too at the same time! These look a little better for you!

  3. I had one today and it was lovely- really squidgy (and hard to eat- should have used a spoon) but really gooey 🙂

  4. They look good 🙂 Nuts are a great addition to cakes – I remember making a gluten free one with ground pistasios – I’ll try to dig it out.

  5. Fantastic!!!

    What a very lucky friend you have!

    I also love ground almonds in cooking. Give loads of texture AND depth of flavour…. I also like having to use the leftovers in my podge!


  6. Rose I love the idea of adding it to porridge- yum 🙂
    Sarah- pistachios in a cake sound lovely too.
    Jemma- I suppose the almonds are a better option than white flour- some good fats in there 🙂

  7. THOSE LOOK AMAZING and I love your cupcake stand!!!! SO CUTE!!! Thank you for the sweet comment and the interview link!!! AMAZING!!!! I needed that big time!! Girl, you are going to ROCK YOUR MARATHON!!! I am so excited for you!

    1. Janae you are always so sweet and encouraging and enthusiastic 🙂
      Glad you liked the link- I always find their interviews interesting.

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