Operation “use up the bananas”

Part one

I followed the link that Laura suggested and made some banana blobs for my lunch.

With one mashed extremely ripe banana (the smell made me feel weird as I do not like it when they start going black, and these were covered in black blobs!), 15g oats, 4g ground flax, 2tbs milk, 1tbs pb, a sprinkle of cinnamon and about 10g chocolate chips.

I put them in a wholemeal wrap and had it with a pear and it was amazing! This may also be my lunch tomorrow how exciting!

I think I may well have to make banana bread tomorrow! I saw on the net last week a recipe for banana bread, and it looks fab, so I might try that.

Onto other things- be warned this may contain too much information and also some self pity.

My plan today was a 10 mile run. I followed the same pre run ritual as always- porridge (check), clean bathrooms (check- I am always too tired after to be bothered to do this!), lots of water (check), nuun and water in bottle (check), marathon talk loaded to mp3 player (check), some clif shot blocks to take with me (check), a trip to the toilet (check).

That was as good as it gets I am afraid. I set off, and after about 5 minutes I was having bad stomach pains. I thought they would go (like a stitch goes if you carry on) so I carried on, but after about 2 miles I was struggling and had to stop and walk. My legs felt very weak and I also felt a bit dizzy. I was near to a big tescos so I went in to use their toilets. I ended up sat in the toilet for about half an hour, I was all clammy (not normal sweaty you know but that weird cold sweat) and I felt awful. By then I knew I would not be carrying on. I had my phone with me, but Andy was down in southampton and I didn’t fancy calling anyone else! So I half ran half walked back home, and then had to lay on the sofa for ages. Now this week I have had a cold, but that is mostly gone, but I think I may have picked up a slight bug. After a shower I felt ok, but a bit light headed (and I realised it was a long time since breakfast) so I had the wrap and pear, and after basically sitting about I felt better. Well, I felt very annoyed at myself for not doing the planned run, but I know it can’t be helped. Anyway, I needed to pop to the shops for a couple of things for my dinner, so I headed out. I actually felt really upset when I drove past the park where I normally run- the weather was lovely today and it was so busy with people walking and cycling, and I felt fed up that I will now have to wait another week. Isn’t that a bit ridiculous? Anyway, I got a few more bits from Natural Health;

It’s the kind of shop where things have labels stuck on them, as oppose to shelf labels, so they get different stuff in each week. I was very excited when I saw the coconut oil (in so many blog recipes) and also the brown rice syrup- I did have some clearspring stuff before which I used up and was glad to see some more. I also got some face wipes- I normally use proper wash off cleanser but sometimes if I sit around for a bit I think the sweat and grime soaks in to my face.

Anyway, then I went to Waitrose and actually felt like I was going to faint in the shop as I got bad pains again. So I rushed home and have had a bit of an upset stomach ever since. So I am pretty sure I have a little bug or something.

I did enjoy some tea this afternoon (Darjeeling loose leaf tea which I love when I go to the waffle house)

I have also been drinking loads of water as I still feel a bit shaky and now have a headache.

So now I am going to have some dinner in a bit (I defrosted some squash soup and I am going to add some kidney beans to it and have it with a sweet potato) and bascially lay about a bit more and try to cheer myself up.

Anyone want to snap me out of it?


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18 thoughts on “Operation “use up the bananas””

  1. I don’t think how you felt about the run was ridiculous: I would have felt exactly the same and cried every time I went past my usual running routes when I was injured. But I do think both of us invest a lot emotionally in running in the NOW, where as you will be stronger next week, despite having to wait. I think it’s better to get in a strong run and come out feeling confident than kill yourself (or, to be blunt, poop yourself) while trying to push through anyway with a tummy bug. I did that last year when I caught a stomach flu-type virus: both pushed through and *ahem* the latter. Okay, so you probably won’t want to ever know me again now but I’m just trying to emphasise that you did the right thing.

    Please rest up, take care and accept a huge online *hug* free of charge 😉



    1. Aw thanks Jess- you are right I do get a bit obsessed with each individual run, whereas I need to be looking to next week and beyond.
      I think I would have actually just collapsed by the side of the road had I carried on, so I know it was right to stop!
      The hugs help for sure 🙂

    2. Thanks also for the lovely offer to send me some pumpkin 🙂

      I actually found some of the DeRit pumpkin puree in Newcastle but didn’t have enough money to buy it at the time…I might pick some up on Monday, or use some mashed squash because it seems to agree with me more than pumpkin. But thanks a million for offering anyway and so happy you’re feeling a bit better about the running situation judging by the comments below.


  2. Oh dear it definitely sounds like you have a bug. I know what you mean, I get sad sometimes when I see others out running and I’m not! Glad those banana cakey things worked out well, I bet they tasted amazing in that wrap! Hope you feel better soon, I say lots of tea and an early night x

  3. Sorry to hear about your unpleasant running experience, but you definitely did the right thing in listening to your body. Like Jess has said, by taking it easy now you will only feel stronger in the future (i.e. for your next long run) and today’s events will be a distant memory. If it’s any consolation your wrap looks utterly delicious and you’ve definitely inspired me to try it for breakfast/lunch (or both!) some time this week!

    Look after yourself (lots of tea!) and I hope you feel better soon 🙂

    P.S. Sad but true, I got a little excited when you mentioned the Waffle House… it’s my favourite place to eat in St.Albans! I can’t get enough of the apple/spiced fruit one they do.

  4. How many teapots do you actually have Maria? 😉

    There was no way you could have carried on with that run. So from that point of view you should not feel at all down on yourself. Of course you can feel disappointed that things didn’t go to plan, but then that’s always going to be the case at some point throughout a marathon training schedule. I don’t know whether you remember, but I had to cut one of my 20-miles down to 10 because I couldn’t stop crying, and could no longer control my breathing. Sometimes things are just against us!

    I guess you could consider going out again to try tomorrow? Or would you rather not do that?

  5. That’s too bad about your run but you did the right tbing in going home. I hope you aren’t coming down with anything too bad – just rest and take it easy. At least you picked up some nice things at the health food shop to make up for an otherwise lousy day.

  6. Thanks guys- comments are helping 🙂
    The wrap was lovely so I would say everyone try it! Thanks so much to Laura for posting the link for me.
    Bronagh- I love the apple spice one, but my fave is the banoffee one 🙂 I also love the fact you get a teapot with extra water to top up!
    Alison- 4 teapots 🙂 Of all different sizes 😉
    I did think about going out tomorrow, so I might, but then I am supposed to do 6 miles on monday, and I cant go out wednesday due to work again so it would then impact on next week. I might try and add a few miles on, say do 8 miles on monday instead of the 6, but we shall see. And now you mention it I do remember your post on that bad long run. Stuff happens after all.
    Stacey- I am trying to make the best of the day 🙂

  7. WOW your lunch looks AMAZING!! I have to recreate that soon! 😀 And great haul from the health store!!

    Sorry to hear about your woes- I’m sure it is a bug! My mum had something like that at the beginning of the year, so it’s only temporary don’t worry. Soon you’ll be back running that route again!

  8. oh yeuck, you poor thing. There are an awful lot of weird stomach bugs around at the moment and catching them must be a bit of an occupational hazard for you. Hope that you’ve had a better evening.

    I’d say don’t do the run tomorrow as it’ll throw you out all week and you haven’t fuelled properly for it now so it would probably feel a bit rubbish and that might mess with things more than not doing it at all


  9. Thanks Emma- It was amazing- try it soon! :)You are right I will be back soon out there.
    Rose- I think you are probably right too- tomorrow is going to be a rest day I think as I have another busy week, and if I feel ok I will maybe add another bit onto my monday run. I like the words of wisdom 🙂

  10. Oh just seen this, I hope you feel better soon!

    Your lunch does look really yummy – I must try that – a repeat of it tomorrow sounds like a good idea to me! 🙂

  11. Ah – that sucks, tummy upsets are the worse. Also it’s horrible when you’ve psyched yourself to do some kick-ass exercise and it doesn’t work out. Better to stop though than to faint into a big heap!
    It’s only one run out of many that you do in a year and they’ll be some more sunny days (fingers crossed)
    Hope you feel better soon 🙂

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