Worn out

Evening all

I am totally worn out today. I did have a very busy day at work, tiring and sort of emotional too, and I got home later than I had planned. I was supposed to do a 6 mile run with some faster miles in the middle, but I was so tired that on my way home I decided on 6 steady miles. I rushed to get ready (I do leave my running clothes out before I leave for work so I can change quickly) and by the time I headed out I had talked myself into cutting it down to 4 miles. In the end I did 5 miles, but I felt like I was running through treacle. My pace was around 10.30 per mile, so not too bad, but for a short run I could normally up it for a bit in the middle. No such luck today. It was really windy which didn’t help. I did listen to an old Ricky Gervais podcast (from the old Xfm days) and at points I was actually laughing out loud as I ran- must have looked a bit loopy.

Home for a quick shower, and I did not bother washing my hair. Shock. I did use some dry shampoo (I am not totally gross) and I will wash it after body pump tomorrow I promise. It feels alright now, and it meant that I could have my dinner much sooner. Some yummy pumpkin tofu pasta with some beetroot, green beans and a pickled onion helped to give me a little bit of energy!

I was fuelled alright for my run;

But I was so busy I did not have any tea this morning at work (normally I have a big cup of rooibos tea) so although I drank all my water, I had not had as much liquid as usual. I really think that the busy day at work was draining, and although some days a run will be refreshing and really help, today it just sapped my energy even more. It is annoying me that I didn’t make the mileage on my training plan (I know it’s only a mile etc etc) but I am sure that one extra mile would have tired me out even more and not done much good.

But now to relax 🙂

Minty tea


I never thought I would like minty tea. But last time I did a teapigs order it was cheaper to get it in the mixed box, than to buy the other ones separately. So I tried it and actually I find it really refreshing. I am actually thinking that in the summer I might try to make my own (I saw Alys from Gardeners World do it before) as I have all sorts of mint in my garden. But I will have to wait for it to grow. Now I shall make do with teapigs!

And the best thing about minty tea is that if you combine it with some dark chocolate (that stuff is so good and on offer at the moment 🙂 bonus) you get an after eight flavoured snack! Perfect!

After that it was time for aerobics. I have never seen it so busy (must be all those new years resolutions kicking in)! The instructor had to go and tell reception to let more people in, as the class limit was reached and she thought we could up it. We did all fit in, but it was a case of “love thy neighbour”. It was fab, we had some great tunes (not the usual) including some old body pump songs- the girl next to be also goes to body pump so we kept looking at each other and saying stuff like “this was a lunges track”, “we had this for triceps” and so on. I was so tired by the end though- 6 miles on a monday is more than I have usually done so I think that might have been partly why.

Does anyone else with blogs get those monthly stats? I got mine through just now and it is crazy- apparently during January 690 “unique” people looked at my blog- it is strange to think that this many people are interested in what I get up to! I didn’t get any funny searches this month though. I think it is amazing that people spread all over the world get connected via blogs – people from far flung places such as Singapore are visiting. I think it is quite exciting that people are “connecting” from all over the world.

Right, I am off to put my feet up now in preparation for my next 6 mile run tomorrow.

Night 🙂