Parcels to cheer me up!

Hello guys

Thanks so much for all the lovely messages. First of all, you are all right- I must not get back to things too early, until I am sure I am well. One week of rest will do more good than getting back too early. If you want to skip the whole “how my illness is doing” then skip down to the next bit! I know I was tired last week, but not really bad, and had a cold, but I obviously got a bit run down as after the upset stomach passed, the pains carried on. Anyway I went to the doctors today in the end and she confirmed that I also have a urinary tract infection (I had to wee in a cup which I do not think I have ever had to do before- awful! And then more awful as it was right on the desk while she was talking to me and all I could think was “that’s my wee in the cup on your desk”) and was given antibiotics. She did say she was pretty sure it wasn’t appenticitus (now I am awful at the doctors I get so nervous and panicky about things like that- I have to have a blood pressure monitor at home as it is always sky high when I go there) but of course that made me worry even more. Although today I am feeling better, not 100% but getting there. I did not go on a run today, and long days at work tomorrow and Thursday mean the first time I can exercise again will be Friday. So I am going to see how I feel, and maybe just have a walk on Friday and save my energy for Saturday. It will mean a week off but hopefully my legs will be energised. And I do not want to pick up anything else!

Now onto the exciting things!

I got some parcels in the post to cheer me up;

Some cosy tea to try out 🙂 I saw this ages ago in the vegetarian living magazine, and kept an eye out (and when I searched on the net I got loads of websites for tea cosy’s!)


a selection of raw chocolate and raw chocolate covered goodies.

Although it is a little bit like mental torture as tea and chocolate are two of my favourite things (Oprah style) but I have not been eating normally these last few days- I have only been wanting quite plain or savoury things. I tried a cup of tea yesterday, only to have more pain, and then I read on the internet that the caffiene can irritate so is not a good idea, and that water is best. Anyhoo, I am rather excited to start trying them out, although I think I will wait until I am 100% otherwise I will associate them with being ill. I used to love leek and potato soup, and then I had it once when I was feeling ill, and now whenever I think about it, it reminds me of being ill.

Now I spent a lot of time today reading blogs, and could not help but notice a valentines theme on so many. I have never celebrated it- it has always seemed a bit cheesy to me, and me and Andy have always preferred to celebrate on our anniversary, birthdays and so on. So we just had a normal evening planned. So many of my friends were posting on facebook about how upset they were that their partner did not get them flowers or whatever, and I much prefer it that we do nice things for each other all year round, when we have had a hard week or something like that.

Anyway, I am off to find my 7th pint of water or something silly like that- later dudes 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Parcels to cheer me up!”

  1. At least you’ve got something to cheer yourself up (and look forward to once you’re feeling 100%). It looks like some great stuff. We don’t really do Valentine’s either but I still got a card and choccies which was a nice surprise as I wasn’t expecting it.

  2. Glad you are feeling better and have been medically checked over. As for wee’ing in a cup – I’ve had 2 kids and after the first I could pee in a cup, hands free from 30 paces mwahahahaaaaaa 😉

  3. Glad you’re feeling a bit better but it ain’t good, hope you recover as soon as possible! Have you been drinking cranberry juice? It’s supposed to be really good for kidney/urinary problems.
    And I’m with you on the Valentine’s thing; I’d much rather just have a bunch of hand-picked flowers on a random Tuesday because they meant something then be bought ridiculously expensive red roses just because someone felt he had too…

  4. Oh that made me laugh so much about your wee in a cup! UTIs are really horrible, and can be very painful. And I can’t go NEAR caffeine when I have them. The great thing is though that you really appreciate every hour that your are getting better. Especially when you go to the loo 🙂 Just keep pounding the water, and eating whatever you can (which = whatever you fancy, hurray!)

  5. I know what you mean about associating certain foods with being ill: I can’t look Munchies in the face because my Mum used to give me them as a reward for taking medicine when I was little, and they still make me feel rather queasy! Likewise, I had a spinach/ricotta ravioli when I was a kid that made me royally sick, and even the mention of ricotta cheese is enough to induce nausea now. However, some foods have comforting associations with being ill, such as rich tea biscuits (only thing I could digest when I had lots of stomach problems as a kid), jacket potatoes with cheese (I’ve been veggie since age 7 and we went to France on a school trip when I was 11. The boat ride over made me so ill that I never recovered until I came back home, and the first meal I could keep down was a spud n cheese!) and salt and vinegar crisps or Pringles. Healthy, right 😉 But when I’m ill, I crave salty foods. Normally, I’m a sweet person all the way.

    Anyway, after that hopefully mildly entertaining tangent I shall say glad to hear you’re improving and hopefully you’ll get to try those lovely choccies soon.


  6. Glad you’re on the road to recovery. WIth a UTI you should steer clear of caffeine, alcohol and fruit juice and just stick to the water. I have them semi-regularly and end up drinking so much water that I slosh around.

    Those teas look really interesting – I love herbal teas!

  7. The wee in a cup bit made me laugh – sorry – but the way I read it was that you had to wee into a cup while it was positioned on the desk and all while the doc sat and talked to you. I didn’t know whether to marvel at your flexibility and aim or contact the BMA and get the doc struck off!

    Know what you mean about foods and sickness. As a child I was once ill after eating apple strudel and for about 20 years I couldn’t face anything with apple and cinamon. When I was bad last week I’d eaten chilli, brown rice and a creme egg in the evening and I couldn’t face any of them now.

  8. Ha ha I enjoyed reading those replies!! 🙂
    Yeah I didnt actually wee in front of the doctor thank goodness!!!!
    And am feeling better every hour hooray 🙂

  9. Glad to hear that you are feeling better but hope that long days at work won’t mean that you don’t get as much rest as you need for your body to fight off the infection….. only a couple of days till half term though!


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