Treats for my eats

Evening all

Boy am I glad the weekend is here!

I was so busy yesterday- Andy was having his car serviced (he drove it there in the morning and then ran the 5 miles back home- combining training with life was clever!)- so I raced home from work, we had a quick pasta dinner and I changed, then we drove to pick up the car, I had to get petrol and then straight to body pump. I was showered and shattered at 9pm!

Over the last couple of days I have had some lovely treat snacks so here we go;

This was amazing! One pot of Rachel’s Rice pudding (although I should make my own – I do have some flaked rice somewhere..) with a tsp peanut butter and some dark chocolate chips stirred in once it was warmed. MMmmm.

A white chocolate and hazelnut flapjack- I shared it with Andy and his comment was “nice” whereas mine was “look I got a whole hazelnut!”.

Cherries with chocolate alpro and some pecan and cranberry granola. This is a classic combo which will never get old for me!

There is not much of my lovely ginger cashew cereal left (sniff)- such a delicious combo.

I think the theme might be carbs- I have been tired and I think not quite eating enough when looking at my daily allowance on WLR. I also have been sleeping badly this week (I am a bad and light sleeper anyway) and have been waking up in the night really hungry, so I have been trying to have a snack later in the evening to try to stop this happening! It worked last night anyway.

While I was driving home today, all I could think of was that I wanted to do some baking. I recently bought Vegan Cookies invade your cookie jar- it was cheap on amazon and the range of recipes look amazing (plus I don’t need to worry about having eggs when I want to bake!) so I flicked through until I found a recipe for chocolate fudgy oatmeal cookies. I think the chocolate oat combo appealed! Chocolate plus some extra carbs- yes please πŸ™‚

I also got to use my pretty red baking measuring cups πŸ™‚

I cooked them for a bit, flattened them some more and cooked again and they smell heavenly. I am looking forward to one or two later- they will help fuel my run tomorrow.

Body pump was fab as usual. We had more new people (the classes are getting full and we all could have only one bar each whereas usually the regulars can have a light and heavy bar made up) which makes it good, but also a bit rushed as the instructor has to keep explaining everything. I kept the extra weight on for the back track (last week I added them on for the first little bit only) and this time managed to keep them on until the last break. I wasΒ struggling to get the bar over my head right before I took the extra off, Β and I am feeling it today! I also kept the heavier dumbells for the shoulders (as of last week where I made myself do it) so feeling good. I feel like I can up the weights for the squats, but my knees sometimes feel a bit sore in the squats and lunges. I am really careful with my posture, but I did used to haveΒ a bad knee and still now it can get stiff, so I am wary of increasing too much in case I strain something. My heart rate gets very high and I find it hard so I am pushing myself with the current weights, but what I am saying (in a rambly way) is that I want to concentrate on increasing weights for the non leg tracks more.

Right, off to read some blogs before a lovely dinner of veggie and bean bake and some home made wholemeal bread. πŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “Treats for my eats”

  1. I also now have that song (I changed the words a bit)- “Treats for my eats, suugar for my honey” in my head…

  2. And now I have that song in my head too! πŸ˜‰ I have the vegan cookies book but haven’t made anything yet although I think I might make something next weekend for my husbands birthday. Hope your tiredness gets better, have a great weekend x

  3. Love this post: great end of the week buzz! I think people often forget to increase their calories a little every week with marathon training — remember that the increase in miles and (relative) decrease in recovery time will mean your body needs more fuel. Great work on bodypump though — if you’re still consistently making strength gains there then you’re obviously doing something right! πŸ™‚

  4. I prefer your remix of that song. Now it’s stuck in my head too!

    This Body Pump release is a bit strange in my opinion ~ triceps never challenges me without the bar so I have to put 10kg worth of plates on my lap for the dips :/ But the back track is super-challenging without the row between clean and presses ~ any progress on that in terms of upping the weights is amazing because I’ve ended up lowering mine back to 12.5kg so my forearms didn’t explode!

    I’m always careful with my squat weight and prefer not to go too heavy on the leg tracks too ~ I think it’s sensible as your running comes first and I’ve heard a lot of injury tales stemming from the combo of heavy weights in Pump and running. I think my stubbornness in persisting with 15kg lunges with the bar was a major cause in my IT band trouble.

    I wish we could have two bars! Strictly one per person at my gym.

    Can’t think of a better way to get in some carbs than your snacks ~ they’re all the perfect combination of heathy and delish.


  5. Thanks for the heads up on vegan cookies being on offer on amazon.. might just have to get a copy of that, I love the vegan cupcake book!

  6. Wow your regulars usually get two bars?! We barely have enough for one each, cos our classes are SO packed! πŸ˜›

    Those cookies look SO good! I have the Vegan Cupcakes book, but have been thinking about getting the Cookies one…could you possibly review it or something? And your eats look delish by the way! πŸ™‚

  7. Laura- thanks I am feeling much less tired now πŸ™‚ Enjoy making cookies when you get around to it πŸ™‚
    Alison- I always get the major friday feeling! You are right about needing more fuel which I do need to keep an eye on.
    Jess- you must have killer triceps! The bar hurts my wrist the most, I much prefer the dumbells! I can manage a 5kg plate for the dips and the stuff at the end. At the mo my heavy bar is 12.5kg, and I did at one time get up to 15kg on the lunges and squats, but I am not going to this time- 15kg is what I manage for part of the back track πŸ™‚ Its the no break between the clean and presses you are right- super hard. Yeah we are spoilt with the bars- there is 6 regulars!
    Stacey- the cookies were amazing πŸ™‚ But you could use regular milk (I would normally but I had coconut milk left)
    Laura- it is filled with delicious looking recipes (on amazon you can look inside to see them)
    Mary- I normally have a snack with a cup of tea later on.
    Emma- yep we are lucky- 6 regulars so we could all have 2 bars, but when we get a load of newbies its back to one each! OOOh a request for a review- I had better get baking πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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