A quick review


This week went well.

Monday- 10 mile run- went well with some good tempo miles in the middle.

Tuesday- Aerobics- again went well- not too tired from the longer runs.

Wednesday- 3 mile with intervals. Yeah I have not done intervals for ages. Whoops. But I got on and did it this week.

Thursday- Body pump- new release. Hard work! But in a good way!
Friday- Rest day (not even a walk as I went out straight from work)

Saturday-12 mile run- good overall time but erratic pace.

Sunday- Rest day- not too stiff now as I did some foam rolling earlier on.

Total miles- 25, so a bit of an easier week.

Lessons learned- I can go faster than I think during longer runs. I need to eat a good snack before aerobics and then I will have enough energy. I need to focus on even pacing during my longer runs. Not sure if I learnt anything else? Actually it was a busy week, work wise, and I still managed to fit the running in.


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8 thoughts on “A quick review”

  1. Sounds like a great week!

    Is your pacing really that uneven? Are you taking hills etc into account?
    How many weeks do you have till M day now?


  2. I think that last point is as important as any – the fact that you still fitted it all in despite a busy week at work. Its self discipline like that that’s vital but we often have to train ourselves to do that as much as train our bodies.

  3. Jessica- you will be fine with the new body pump! A change is good to mix things up anyway!
    Rose- It might be hills, but it is the same route I normally run and so I think I was worse on Saturday- normally it is much more even.
    9 weeks to go 🙂
    Rob- thanks – it still amazes me when people fit in so much more around work.

  4. I find pacing myself so difficult too it’s slowly getting there with practice but it’s tough! I try to go on feel more than on numbers and that seems to be working for me at thwe moment but who knows!

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