Another 10 miles, and a blog first!

Phew- my legs need a rest now!

After my lovely rest day yesterday, it was a 10 mile run post work today. It was obviously on my mind as I didn’t sleep well last night (dreaming about forgetting to take my lunch/ leaving work too late and being out in the country lanes late at night…). I took extra food with me to work (including some almonds and brazils for the calories but hopefully less fibre!), and made sure I ate it all.

My run was exactly the same route as last week, and I wanted to try and pick up the pace in the middle a bit tempo stylee, although I was not sure how I would do after the 16 miles on Saturday. I had a couple of clif bloks at mile 4 and 6, along with water/nuun. I was going to have another one but I think I ate my snacks a little too close to running so was feeling a bit icky. Anyway, once home and on Nike+ I was excited to see that a– I ran it in 1 hour 43, 4 minutes faster than last week for the same route, and b– one mile I was 8.58 pace! Woah! And a couple at 9.54. I was really pleased to get those speeds in on such a long run (although soon to be a medium run?).

Now to the blog first- you have all heard of oats in a jar, but have you had….

rice pudding in a jar??? (RPIAJ)

This was my carb filled evening snack- cooked nectarine and a pot of Rachel’s rice pud, in my empty pb jar, topped with a couple of chocolate chips. Sooooooo good! RPIAJ, go on, try it! I keep meaning to make rice pudding (I have got the flaked rice and did use to) but the pots are on offer, and when we order from the internet they always pop up! I also keep meaning to make it with Kara coconut milk as I bet that would be lovely. So watch this space (eventually!).

Night 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Another 10 miles, and a blog first!”

  1. Mmm, rice pudding in a jar! What a delicious idea 🙂

    You’re really upping your pace recently as well. And to think you were worried about finishing the marathon and the 20-miler within the time limit! You’re going to do so well, I just know it.

    Nighty night to you too


  2. Aha, rice pudding. Another one to add to my carb loading diet. They’ll do rice pudding in la belle France right?

    Nice work on the run. Its a nice feeling when you start thinking of 10/12 milers as just fairly typical midweek runs!

  3. Rob- oh yeah I am sure they make it in france (or at least sell it in a supermarche??)
    Alison- thanks (glad you like my word choices too!)
    Emma- thanks 🙂
    Sarah- yeah skip to the rice pud- so yummy!
    Carrie- I have no doubt that you will be able to do that soon.
    Jessica- thanks 🙂 I will still worry about it, but I need to remember these runs to have confidence in myself. It’s because it is all unknown. So thanks

    1. Thanks Chris- yeah I usually feel like I have loads more energy at the weekends than after a day at work.

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