Another beautiful day

Spring is most certainly here 🙂

I am loving this weather so much!

I was so tired last night that I actually fell asleep for half an hour while reading my run less run faster book- oops!

Today after work I had a 3 mile run with some intervals. I warmed up for a mile (although it was so warm I only had on a vest- anyone else feel weird exposing their arms after months of layers? I felt really self conscious but I know it will go after a few runs!) then measured it by distance- 0.1 mile faster, 0.1 mile slower, for a mile and a half, then a little cool down. In the faster bits I averaged 9.55 miles so not half bad 🙂 Total – 3.1 miles in 31 minutes.


By the end I felt quite tired and my legs felt more stiff so lots of stretching is on the cards this evening. I had some yummy pumpkin pasta (the last of my current freezer stash so I must remember to make some more) -I added some beetroot to it while it cooked and it went all pink and even more tasty! No picture as I was so hungry!!!

I am also looking forward to a pumpkin scone later on.

With the weather getting warmer does anyone else a- struggle to work out what to wear and b- feel weird exposing their bodies after months being wrapped up in many layers?

I wear a vest and ron hill trackster things at the gym all the time, but for some reason running outside by people in their coats and things (and randomly a man out running with shorts and a hoodie with the hood over his head) makes me feel very self conscious.

Toodle-pip 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Another beautiful day”

  1. You’re right, this weather is really hard to dress for! At the moment I’m compromising with shorts, vest and thin windbreaker for outdoor runs. But today I would probably have just gone out in a t-shirt. In fact, I went out without a coat (layered up with a jumper instead), and that felt totally strange — like I was being really daredevil and irresponsible or something! I think this is where is helps if you read fashion magazines, as I’m sure they give advice about how to layer outfits for work to deal with strange weather changes!

  2. I love being able to run in just a vest, I can not wait until its really warmed up again! It doesn’t really bother me as a) I usually run really early before people are out of bed and b) I just don’t give a toss, I look so rough when I run, no make up and my hair slapped under a head band! I do sometimes feel a bit exposed when running alongside the duel carriage way and all the drivers gawping at you but usually I’m just focusing on the running! I think most people bearly even notice runners now – I would try not to feel too self conscious 🙂

  3. It wasn’t a problem this morning as it was still only 5 degrees – in fact I wished that I’d worn my gloves!
    I feel self-conscious in general without all my layers, but somehow when I’m working out I don’t particuarly care.

  4. Funny, I was just saying the same thing to my Mum this morning: I have no clue what to wear in these in-betweeny temperatures, particularly when I’m running from 5-6am onwards and I start off cold but as I get going and the sun comes up I sweat like a pig by the end in my luminous yellow jacket. Sorry for the unpleasant visual there! I prefer to be bundled up too and feel really self-conscious about exposing my legs in shorts, but at the end of the day I have to suck it up and go for comfort because it tends to be my legs that are the hottest part of me anyway.

    Mmm, pumpkin pasta. I really need to make that again some time soon! I can only imagine how pretty it must have been with beetroot added.


  5. Those sound like amazing times! And I love that you fell asleep reading that book 🙂
    I know what you mean; I’m so in the habit of wearing so many layers, I do it by instinct now… mind you, I’ll need them again soon because as soon as it warms up, they turn on the Arctic air conditioning in my office – NOT good 🙂

  6. It has to be baking for me to wear shorts (I only wore them a handfull of times last summer)- capris are fine for me as it’s my body/ back that gets too hot.
    Jessica I agree it is hard when the time of day changes a lot- on my 10 miler the other day it started off really warm as it was in the sunshine, but the sun had gone down and the temperature had dropped quite a lot by the end.

  7. I know exactly what you mean! When I did my long run last SAturday I started off with 3 layers AND gloves and ended up with a vest top! The forecast is that it is going to cool off too so that will just add to the dilemmas!


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