Brucie Bonus!


So today I was supposed to have an extra long additional staff meeting (= rest day), but it was cancelled today. So, what did I do with my time? Why, run of course! I had already moved (in my head) my runs this week, and so I moved them around again (which actually works out better as I was going to have to do 6 miles on Wednesday after another meeting, and now I can have a rest day then- score!).

The small problem was that I only had some small snacks with me for the meeting (apple, honey stick bar) and remembering that apple did not agree with me before had that at lunch to give it time. So once home I had half of one of the energy bars (from the box my Dad gave us for Christmas);

This was quite nice- very sweet and chewy, a bit like a mule bar. Not sure if I would buy oneΒ (I do have rather a lot of bars)Β but it did give me energy for my run which is always a bonus. The plan was 6 miles which I love now at this time of year as there is a nice loop near me. I warmed up for a few miles, and then decided to up my pace a bit (I have not done intervals since being ill and have basically been back to my old plodding ways) so I put the Nike+ on the pace setting and did 3 miles on 10.06 (although this may be faster as the callibration needs doing). Anyway, that was good for me, and I was pleased to maintain it for that distance. Then I slowed down for the long slow hill and then the last mile. I felt weird running in just a long sleeved top- after all the months of wrapping up with 2 or 3 layers for my midweek runs. The sun was still shining and everything- another bonus!

Then it was dinner time- I added some quinoa to the lentil and cannelini bean chilli (felt in need of a few carbs!);

Steamy! And also very spicy- we use lazy chilli and I am rubbish at getting the amount right!

Thanks for all the comments about the running in general- I am trying not to panic about the 16 mile run- like Alison says, its only 14 +2.Β  I will take it slow and see what happens. I am worrying more about doing 10 miles tomorrow, as normally a run of that length is at the weekend when I have time to spare. So I will be taking plenty of snacks to work tomorrow to fuel me- I promise I am learning lessons!

This is my snack for in a minute;

A cooked nectarine with some alpro custard (tastes like normal ready made custard) with some cherry coconut cereal sprinkles. πŸ™‚ Gotta get me some carbs for tomorrow.


PS- Rob I have tried the chickpea/ gram flour in a sweet pancake bake thing, and I think it had a stronger taste than normal flour which I was not so keen on, but actually in the pancakes with the vanilla and cinnamon I could not taste the flour so I would say it is worth trying it in sweet dishes.

PPS (is that how you do it?)- I finished my cosy tea review which you can see here if you are interested – I appreciate not everyone loves tea quite as much as I do haha!

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12 thoughts on “Brucie Bonus!”

  1. Haha, I am so good at maths! πŸ˜€

    Seriously though, I remember what it’s like when you get into serious distance PB territory. And for me, 16 felt like a really big deal. Like “proper” long distance running or something. But I think the fact that you’ve already run the distance -2 is a helpful way of getting over the fear. It’s just what you did last time, and then a little bit more on the end πŸ™‚

    Good news about the staff meeting too. When you get into 10 mile mid-week runs timing definitely becomes a bit of an issue! Like you say, just keep eating!

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ Yeah so much of it is mind games now- telling myself that I could do 14 miles and it was fine, so just do a little bit more.
      And my cereal bar stash is certainly going to come in handy for those midweek runs! I dont trust the toaster or the microwave at work so they are for sure my fuel!

  2. I used to love that Alpro custard…for some reason I totally forgot about it and it does indeed resemble ‘normal’ custard almost exactly. Another lovely idea for a snack πŸ™‚

    I keep wearing too many layers to run because I can’t get used to the warmer temperatures. I keep expecting it to be sub-zero outside, although there was a lot of air frost in my neck of the woods this morning.

    Brilliant that fate allowed you to get your run in at a more convenient time.


  3. I have the same heavy hand when it comes to chilli powder. Everything I use it in ends up really hot. I lvoe spicy food, but other members of my family and friends aren’t so keen.

    1. See I dont like it spicy, although I am getting better- but I find it hard to judge how much I need! It’s worse when Andy has the same as me as he likes it really spicy and then I burn my mouth out

  4. Jessica-glad to have reminded you! I found it in Sainsburys (they often have 2 for Β£2.50 on the alpro pots and the custard was included and I had never even seen it before).
    Air frost sounds crazy!
    Laura- yes I think you do love tea as much as me! πŸ™‚ Great minds eh?

  5. 14+2 still sounds like a lot to me!! I break it up even more! I just think in terms of 4’s or 5’s usually, and then it doesn’t seem so bad for me πŸ™‚

    Well done on your speedy run!! And I’ve yet to try the Alpro custard…but since everyone else seems to love it, I guess I have to! πŸ˜›

  6. Emma- normally I break them down into 2 mile chunks as that is all I can face! And I try to ignore than when I am 2 miles into a 10 mile run I still have 4 chunks to go!

  7. Thanks for the gram flour review πŸ™‚ I wonder if the relatively strong flavour of cinnamon masked it? Even just typing this makes me think chickpea curry may be on tomorrow evening’s menu.

    That’s definitely a good way of viewing each new run – its just 2 more than last time and you KNOW you can do just 2 more no problem…

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