Gorgeous run

Evening all

I was so excited when I saw the weather forecast for today- no rain yippee!

Yesterday I had aerobics and I had my normal amount of energy- I appreciated the comments from the other day (pumpkin cookies all round I feel) and do think I need to make sure I eat a bit more in the day to fuel the workouts and soΒ before aerobics I had a stoats blueberry flapjack with some fruit, and also some green tea with lemon.

This (I think) was my first try of green tea, and I quite liked it. I think it kind of tasted like normal tea, but a bit lighter. It did not taste like grass cuttings (as some of my colleagues helpfull informed me!). Anyway the extra seemed to help, and I felt like I was back to my normal self. I was worried that the long run on Monday would make it harder, but I was fine. I have also been foam rolling each evening (got out of the habit when I was ill) and I really think it helps.

On to today. I had time out the classroom this afternoon, so I took a few snacks with me- some extra fruit and nuts (and another lemon green tea). Then after the staff meeting I had a trek cocoa brownie (thanks nakd freebie fairy/ pixie) before heading home.

My run was lovely πŸ™‚ The weather was perfect- it was still sunny when I left home at about 5.20, and the sun was behind some buildings so it wasn’t blinding me. The air was cold, which was refreshing, and although by the end it was dark, it was not too chilly. I even left the gloves at home! 6.2 miles took me 64 minutes- I attempted a sort of fartlek style run in the middle- never sure if this ends up slowing me down as I slow down more to recover! Anyway, I really enjoyed the run and it made me think again- when I did the half marathon in the summer (learning lessons from the previous one where I carried on with my normal routine after and almost collapsed on a 10 mile run the following weekend) I did not go to aerobics, and on the wednesday I tried a gentle run. I know I took the 13 miles slower at the weekend but I am pleased that I managed to keep up with the routine- it was one of the things I was most nervous about when starting marathon training as I have needed time to recover from long runs before. So I am being positive πŸ™‚

I had my courgette lentil lasagne for dinner with some cheese- could not be bothered to get the grater out I am afraid! (it does not look that appetising)

But I promise you, it tasted lovely. The courgette stayed crunchy, and the tomato quinoa was tasty. I do think that some kind of tofu tomato layer would make it amazing, so next time I make it I will attempt some kind of concoction.

I also must share another tasty snack (I have been a bit snap happy this week it seems)

Yummy coconut and cherry cereal (check out the most enormous dried cherries ever!!!!) with chocolate alpro. Yummilicious.

Question- Favourite running weather?

I think mine would be those sunny but cool autumn/ spring days. I find the heat saps my energy and the cold makes my legs stiff (am I fussy or what?) but the days where you go out and warm up, but the air is cool enough so you don’t get too hot, I just love. And of course the sunshine is very important too- got to get me some vitamin D.

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11 thoughts on “Gorgeous run”

  1. I love the weather that you describe! That’s the best thing about running in the evening too, if you catch the sun as it’s going down.

    Really great news on your energy levels too, and the fact that you’ve managed to sustain yourself through a tough period AND a long run. It goes to show that if we pay attention to the little lessons along the way, we actually improve! πŸ™‚

  2. That lasagne sounds gorgeous πŸ™‚
    I like green tea, but I’m not keen on it from tea bags – it’s sort of bitter somehow. Gunpowder tea is much tastier.

  3. Happy everything is going so well ~ it really sounds like you’re getting the fuelling balance spot on and it’s making a positive difference to your training. You come up with the most lovely looking snacks, I have to say!

    My feelings on the weather are the same as yours: spring and autumn definitely provide the best running conditions for me. But I’ll take any time of the year when I don’t have to worry about frost: even summer isn’t too bad because I’m usually running before the Sun’s got too much power in it.

    Never managed to find a liking for green tea myself ~ I tend to go for things that require an element of (non-dairy) milk in them. I wish I could make myself like herbal teas though as they’re so much healthier!


  4. It may not have been raining – but have you had the evil wind we’ve been suffering with?! It’s FREEZING!
    I didn’t get on with the green tea but sainsbury’s does a green and black blend which is brilliant; you drink it with milk and it tastes like black but better πŸ™‚
    Glad you had a good run x

  5. Alison- I am trying hard to learn the lessons πŸ™‚
    Sarah- thanks (I nearly didnt put the pic up as I didnt think it looked great!)- I have never had powdered tea.
    Jemma- those days are just the best generally- won’t be long I hope.
    Jessica- I always prefer tea with milk as then I can drink it sooner (if I addd a load of milk it cools it down enough), so I was surprised when I tried other teas (like the mint tea) and liked them. My tastes must have changed.
    Eleanor- yeah the wind has been freezing- at work I was so cold, but I did havea couple of layers on. My poor face was very sore after my hot shower though!

  6. My favourite running conditions are probably slightly warmer than most people would like but I much prefer it, especially to the cold! I can’t wait for those bright spring mornings when I can run in just a vest and capri pants, it will be good to feel the air on my skin again!

  7. The wind is the worst I think- even if it is raining a baseball hat keeps my face dry, but the wind is hard work and you get soaked if it is raining too.

  8. I love the look of your lasagne but then I often wish you could be my cook!!!!

    My fave running weather is a sunny but cool day, just like you…however I do also like going out early on a hot sunny day too…..so that it’s just getting too hot as you finish and then I can dive straight in the sea!!! How I long for those days!!


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