Maple peanut butter


So I was looking on this website, basically salivating over all the flavours of pb. I have finished my jar of chocolate pb so I decided to mix things up a bit. In the mini chopper went some smooth pb (I think it would explode if I started with nuts), some maple syrup and some cinnamon. Loads of cinnamon!

The picture does not do it justice! Enjoyed with a crunchy jazz apple- yum!

Body pump was great as per usual πŸ™‚

Ok so I am having a bit of a dilemma. I normally have a rest day Friday and Sunday, but this week I had an extra one on Wednesday (I missed aerobics for the 10 mile run). Tomorrow I will be home pretty early, and I have the 16 mile run planned for Saturday. I am leaning towards having a 4 ish mile run after work, as I have not run since Tuesday. I need a rest day after a long run, but tend do be alright if I run before. But the only times I have run twice in a row, the second run has been 10 miles max.Β Also I have only got up to 14 miles, so will it spoil my chances on the 16 miler? Am I better to rest+ walk?

I am leaning towards a walk, some work and maybe the housework that I normally do on Saturday. When I mentioned it to Andy he told me I was silly to think about it, which sort of makes me want to prove I can do it. Hmm. This leads me to believe perhaps it is silly? I have done the midweek miles that the plan says for this week. And I am running a mile at work tomorrow for comic relief (we all are).

I think I have rambled for too long! Night

(Actually it is not night for me, it is read blogs while watching the channel 4 thingy).

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12 thoughts on “Maple peanut butter”

  1. That is a difficult conundrum. If you’re not used to it and 16 miles is a PDR for you then perhaps Andy is right? But I would be the same as you and want to go for both just to prove him wrong πŸ˜‰ It is quite a big jump for you in terms of mileage though so if you do decide to go for it then take things steady: it all depends on your goals for the 16 miles: are you just looking to complete or going for a decent pace too?

    I’d see how your body feels: you’re far better at that than I am and I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

    I’ve been drooling over the PBs on that site too: why won’t they ship to the UK *sadface*

    P.S Thanks a million for your support on my recent ramblings.

  2. I think if you’re running a mile at work and you go for a walk as well that would be enough to get the blood pumping a bit.
    Having said that if you feel like running, perhaps just do a short easy one or a walk/run? I’m not an expert as I’m not running at the moment, but that’s what I would personally do.

  3. I think you need to go with what feels right for your body, a slow 4 mile recovery run might be just nice to loosen your legs. I do think your plan of a walk and getting the cleaning done sounds like a good one too though. As you say, see how you feel when you get home!

  4. I think it it was me I’d save my legs for the run tomorrow. Just think if it was a half marathon ‘event’ tomorrow there is no way that you’d be running today. You will be pushing your body further than it has ever been before tomorrow and you really do NOT want an injury at this stage.

    It’s horrid out there anyway! Why not have a nice swim or something instead!


  5. Hope you stick with the walk and housework, it will save your legs for the long run on the weekend.
    Please stop talking about body pump ……. I miss it :'( heeheehee

  6. I don’t know if I’m too late for this, but I think walk / rest. For sure. Junk miles do you no good — a strong 16 miler, on the other hand, will benefit you no end.

    Also, it’s great to see a jazz apple in the blog world — they’re my favourite!

  7. Hello!
    Thanks for all the input!
    IN the end I did the mile run at school (work) and then after work walked the 2 miles to the shop (2 miles total I mean) and then did some housework. And I was tired. I figured that I had been on my feet for 3 miles, which was enough to get the blood flowing etc. Alison I like the comment about the junk miles- I need to remember the advice from run less run faster- I need to make sure I am running smart πŸ™‚

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