Runners Envy

This is what I have when I drive to work. I typically leave home just after 7.30am, and now it is nice and light at that time I see loads of people out running. As I drive a lot of the roads I run on, they are often doing similar routes or roads I know well, and I just feel envious of them being out there running.  This will only increase as the weather gets better! They probably wonder why I stare at them as I drive past- I am really looking at how fast they are going and what clothes they are wearing, how springy their feet go and whether they are listening to earphones. Anyone else join me in this?

OK, yesterday I did not do well with fuelling for aerobics. Last week I had some fruit and a flapjack and some tea, all of which helped. This week I had fruit with me at work, but nothing else, and I got home later (forgot to make tea until it was too late) and only had time for a small snack- a few oatcakes with nut butter. This and maybe the longer weekend run meant that it was harder work than usual. I am learning my lessons I promise!

I did have a nice post aerobics snack (I have to have at least one picture you know, otherwise I get bored of looking at my typing)

The museli has little bits of puffed corn (I think) so it is like mini bits of popcorn- fun!

Today I included a big afternoon snack to help with the run- some clementines, a seed stacked flapjack and some almonds. Anyway, my run turned into mind over matter. I was tired; by the time I got home I did not really fancy a run (despite having a big case of runners envy this morning), my legs were tired. I told myself I was imagining it and went out. After 4 miles I got caught in a very heavy downpour- luckily I was near some trees so did not get too drenched. Anyway, I think the rain actually refreshed me and I made myself pick up the speed a bit, and in the end did a bit under 7 miles in 69 minutes- I think 7.7 miles or something like that so in fact I was fast for me.

I feel tired now though and am looking forward to my king of snacks later!

Anyone else suffer runners envy?

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13 thoughts on “Runners Envy”

  1. hehe – I totally get runners envy! On my way from work on my bike I always see loads of people running and check them out just like you do!

  2. YES I get it all the time!! Every time I see someone running, especially when the weather’s nice, I wish I was too!! And when I see people who are practically sprinting but looking totally relaxed I feel a bit envious too! 😛

    Great run!! I love your perseverance- it’s so inspiring 🙂

  3. I had runners envy SO BAD when I couldn’t run. Normally though I’ll be one of the people you’re staring at, as my flexible schedule means I can go out whenever I want, i.e. whenever the weather is good. It’s one of the few advantages of being a PhD student!

    Nice work getting yourself out this evening too. We all talk about the importance of rest and listening to our bodies, but sometimes mind over matter is appropriate; it sounds like this was one of those cases!

  4. Yep, I definitely have voyeuristic tendencies where running is concerned.

    Like Alison, when injured I’d get maudlin at the sight of others running but now I’ll generally check out how they run: foot strike, cadence, whether they look smooth etc. Plus, it gives the excuse (to myself if nobody else) for surreptitiously checking out the occasional lycra clad lovely.

    I’m nothing if not pitifully shallow.

  5. Yes to the runner’s envy. When I was injured, I died inside a little every time I saw someone running. And I still feel sadness when someone runs past my window, no matter how many miles I might have already done in the day. I just want to be out there with them.

    With regard to this (your description of your car journey was so evocative…the yearning to run was almost tangible) have you thought of perhaps running before work? It might combat the heavy legs and tiredness and you wouldn’t have to endure watching the other people out there in the sunshine? Just a thought anyway.

    I would never get out there if I waited until the evening: I admire your resolve for trooping on despite hours of hard slog through the day.


  6. How funny I am glad everyone gets it too! 🙂
    Rob- I am glad you admit the reasons for it haha!
    Jessica- I can fit in a short run (eg 3 miles) before work, but that means getting up at 6am and having wet hair at work all day, and running before breakfast. So occasionally in the middle of summer I do, if it is too hot after work, but for a longer run I would need breakfast, and more time, plus there is a flasher that goes around early in the morning- I feel safer in the evening when it is busy. 🙂 But in the holidays I love to run first thing 🙂

  7. Haha I love the name “Mighty Muesli” its genius 🙂 Runners envy = a yes. I always find myself staring in an inquisitive way and am always amazed at how it seems so effort less for so many people …. I’ll get there one day.

    1. Yeah I think I look like it is hard work even when I am running slowly- some people just look effortless but I am not like that haha!

  8. I had runner’s envy at the weekend – I kept seeing people pass outside my house and it was sooo sunny. I particular love checking out the kit – I definitely have kit envy 🙂

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