Weirdest gym sign ever


So at the gym they often have signs on the doors- things like “make sure you wear appropriate clothes to classes”, “members still need to book on to classes” and so on.

Well, the sign this week was the most strange yet. Basically, this:

Will members please refrain from using body oil before partaking in exercise classes“.

I mean, what is that about????? Seriously! What class needs body oil? Who wants to add to the sweat with oil???

Answers on a postcard please!

Body pump was great, but it was the new release and boy is it hard! The clean and presses have changed- one clean and then 3 presses in a row (I think that is what the individual parts would be called)- mental. Triceps are back to the bar which I always find soooo tough. We also had loads of newbies (some of whom turned up late grr)- one left half way through! I told Andy how tough it was and his reply “well, that’s what you want, otherwise you may as well do Zumba”. (No offence meant to anyone that loves Zumba…you get his drift!)

Big news- Pumpkin scones are even nicer when topped with Meridian Blueberry spread.

(The other half is maple pb but the blueberry was by far the winner- I am thinking marmalade next).

More big news- PB2 is awesome when made into a pb sauce and served with Worthingshaws chocolate iced dessert stuff;

PB and chocolate ice cream is the best! This is even better as it mixes together so well. Mmmmmm.

Final big news- when making rice pudding in the microwave, do not cook for too long as it will explode out of the cup, all over the whirley tray thing and make a big (unedible) mess.

Any big news? Any weird gym (or other) signs?

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13 thoughts on “Weirdest gym sign ever”

  1. Been there with the porridge – like an oaty vesuvius – and once its done that the bowls are incredibly difficult to clean as the porridge seems to fuse with its container.

    Hope there’s no nasty DOMS from the revised class!

  2. Lol at Andy’s comment! Doing overhead presses really fries my triceps, so I can imagine that’s a TOUGH workout!

    And WTF with the body oil!? Maybe it’s some kind of spiritual yoga thing? Or maybe it’s just someone weird who likes to slather themselves with body oil all the time?

    Gyms are definitely weird places sometimes!

  3. Oh. My. GOD. Four presses!?!?!?! I’m going to have to go down to 10kg total for this one…it sounds like a nightmare! I really don’t like anything other than the conventional clean/press followed by one row for back tracks as I think technique suffers and it’s harder to lift as heavy without losing form. I love triceps with the bar though so hopefully that will compensate.

    I spluttered into my morning cocoa reading that Zumba comment: I think we both know my opinions of that hip-spasming ‘workout.’



    1. They told us to keep with our chest weight for the back track! Mental!I thought you would like the bar being back!

  4. My mind is now well and truly boggling about what that sign was for. I’m imagining taht someone when flying across the floor on a slick of baby oil!

  5. HAHA that sign is HILARIOUS!! 😀

    Oooh new BodyPump release! FOUR presses!! OUCH!! Triceps with the bar is HARD!! And I couldn’t agree more with Andy’s comment!! After watching a bit of a Zumba class at my gym, I get the feeling that BodyPump might be a bit harder! 😛

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